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This part of the disclaimer is only for "The Guardian Saga" and "The Cobwebs Before Her".

I don't even know if it's too late to warn anyone (it probably is), but the two series' mentioned above talk about very strong and conflicting issues; i.e. teenage sex, teenage pregnancy, teenage marriage, suicide, death and the giant of them all: A belief in more than ONE god. If you have a very strong opinion about any one of these (as in that you hate it) you should not try to read those two series'. "Nothing Really Matters" also touches on one of those issues.

If you're under the age of thirteen and the last paragraph hasn't discouraged you to read my stories, then I urge you, personally, to not read them. Even though, I do not use the subjects listed above heavily, I recommend children under thirteen to STAY AWAY. These stories were not meant to been seen by young eyes. Now that I have warned you and I know the webmasters of the pages where this disclaimer is archived have warned you, you cannot blame us for what happens if you choose to ignore this and cont inue on.

Now that that's over with, please don't let me keep you from reading! :)

The Cobwebs Before Her

Authors' Note: Imagine a time before The Guardian Saga, when everything was pretty much routine for the Power Rangers; Where everyone was leading a rather normal civilian life. That is until Shannon Kassandra Kaze crashed landed her way into the Power Ranger family. Her arrival managed to alter all the lives of all the Power Rangers in one way or another. However, so little is known about the time before this woman came along. These are the Cobwebs Before Her....................

I Can't Make You Love Me
Katherine has just been dumped, and she's not handling it very well.

Together Again
Tommy reacts to the news that Shannon is coming to Angel Grove.

Quit Playing Games With My Heart
Kimberly and Jason have a discussion about her past relationship with Tommy, and they both begin to forge a new relationship.

My All
Shannon leaves her home behind to go to Angel Grove.

I'll Never Break Your Heart
Rocky learns that Tommy dumped the woman the Blue Ranger wants to love.

Fourth of July
Liyah needs some advice when it comes to her love life.

The Guardian Saga

Authors' Note: New powers. New zords. New rangers. New villains. New relationships. What am I describing? The Guardian Saga, of course! The teenagers we've come to know and love as the Power Rangers aren't exactly the what they seem anymore and neither is their new friend.....................

Read Shannon's Bio, and see a picture of her

In My Mind
Tommy has a lot to think about.

An Old Flame's Power
Ever since a person from Tommy's past has arrived, things have just been getting weirder and weirder.

Sweet Revenge
A new enemy has arrived, but fortunately, the Rangers have some new Zords to protect them. Will it be enough to defeat this new foe?

An Old Friend in Need
A friend from the Ranger's past returns, in more ways than one.

Lights, Camera, Death!
The Element Rangers attack, endangering all of Angel Grove.

Red and White Engagement
Tommy and Shannon make a very important decision. Meanwhile, the team receives a new set of powers, and just in time, too.

Challenges of Love
Chaos reigns when Shannon's Moon Clone takes her place.

Holiday Wounds
During Christmas break, the Rangers reflect on the past and the present, while many changes occur all about them.

Dormant Evil
Zesta begins to take over the Ranger team from the inside out.

Remarkable Revelations
A lot of BIG secrets are revealed, and even bigger events come to pass.

Hope For the World
Is this the untimely end of Shannon?

How Do I Live
Tommy is pondering his life without Shannon.

Great Expectations
Shannon is going into labor...

In the Eyes of the Betrayer
Adam and Kat have a big secret they are keeping from everyone... Seems like problems are abounding everywhere.

Imminent Departure
Tommy is in big trouble...

To Deceive
A young woman named Cassie is around, and she's got a very mysterious coin.

Broken Wings
In the midst of a lot of chaos, Tommy and Kim end up talking about a few things.

A Child's Innocence
Shannon's child's innocence will be Syryn's downfall.

One Moment in Time
Tommy takes the plunge...Literally.

Do What You Have to Do
When you know it's right and your gut tells you, you end up doing what you have to do...

Purple Portals
A holiday shared with friends...kind of.

Standalone Fics

Wanderer Among the Stars
Andros reflects on his time with the previous Astro Rangers.

Vermilion and Salmon Are Alike
Tommy and Katherine reflect on Tommy's past.

Nothing Really Matters
Katherine wasn't always such a nice, friendly person.

An Unplanned Amour
Tradition resumes when a former Red Ranger and a current Pink Ranger find love.

If We Try
We can make it if we try. Good always prevails because we take the extra effort to come out on top.

Reflection of Love
Part Three
Love and other moments are just chemical reactions in your brain...

Clinging to Promises
Finished!!! Ryan was never alone.

Stay a Little Longer
Best friends never want to part.

You Made Me Forget
Cassie gives Phantom a piece of her mind.