Fics by Trelliah

"This is my muse, Katherine Alice (a.k.a "Kat" or "K.A."). She was obtained from Gryphon Moon :0)"

The Space Ranger Chronicles

Let's Rocket!
A new villian has attacked, but the once lone Red Ranger (reluctantly) has a surprise for him.

It's All Relative
Dina and Luna discover something: being related.

Trial and Error
Rewritten! Luna's trying to get used to the changes in her life, but her seize the day method isn't working.

Battle Across Time

The Journey
Decades ago, a mission was undertook to save the people of a dying planet.

Standalone Fics

Food For Thought : A Spoofy Fic
Even best friends fight.

Save It For The Show!!
The Space Rangers meet Jerry Springer. Uh-oh...

Justin makes friends with a new girl in Angel Grove, but their friendship may not last....

Why? Because It's There!
Trelliah got bored. This is what she came up with. Scary, hmm?

Non-PR Fics
Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

If Only He Knew
Dizzy thinks about Rico after he tells her three words she was once dying to hear...

Half Empty
There were some things Sgt. Brutto never questioned on having until now...

Arachnid Madness
Zander Barcalow has definitely seen better days...