Fics by Starhawk

First Kiss

First Kiss
Ashley kisses Andros, and Astronema steps up her quantron attacks.

Late Night
The Rangers have been fighting all day, but no one can sleep.

Old Friends
Phantom returns, and the Rangers discover the reason for Astronema's recent attacks.

Comings and Goings
With the Aquitian Rangers on Earth, the Astro team goes in search of Zordon.

Cassie and Phantom talk, and the Rangers find a surprise in sector 439.

Before the Storm
There's some unexpected downtime before the coming assault.

Power Up
The team prepares to sneak aboard three of Divatox's ships.

Fifteen Minutes
Andros said fifteen minutes could be a long time--he had no idea.

The Rangers try to regroup--but it's harder than they expected.

What do you do when there's nothing *to* do except wait?

Follow the Stars
The team is reunited on the strength of a song.

Morning After
Andros and Ashley inadvertently cause some consternation on the Megaship.

Ghost Stories
Cassie finds Phantom when he most needs to talk.

The gateway gives the Rangers a glimpse of what might have been.

Second Chance
The Megaship crash-lands, and the team finally locates Carlos and Ashley.

Zordon isn't as far away as the Rangers thought.

Zhane awakens in a time not his own.

New Ground
Two relationships are at a turning point.

Thinking Out Loud
An evening conversation causes some of the Rangers to reflect on what they have.

Sleeping In
The Rangers get a few extra hours of sleep, thanks to someone's practical joke.

Lag Time
Sometimes you don't figure things out until later.

Zhane and Andros choose life on the Megaship over Rayven.

Not everyone reacts well to Zhane.

Team Conflict
The rest of the team learns of Phantom's past.

Without You
The Rangers return to Earth, and Phantom departs for Aquitar.

Full Moon
Sometimes the love of your life is right there in front of you.

Phantom realizes that he made a mistake.

Ordinary Life
For once, everyone is happy.

First Light

First Light
Two weeks after Zordon's liberation, Cassie is still on Aquitar.

My Name Is
Back on Earth, the other Astro Rangers are enjoying their downtime.

Last Day
Ashley and Andros make the most of the last day of summer vacation.

Astronema's newest weapon strikes one of the Astro Rangers.

Matter of Honor
Divided we fall.

Last Chance
Zhane and Ashley swap stories while they wait for Andros.

Ashley has some disturbing dreams.

Phantom can't let Cassie go.

How do you stop loving someone?

Don't Let Go
Ashley goes on a quest of her own.

It's a fine line between light and dark.

Fade to Black
Cassie's transformation comes with a price.

Phantom is at Cassie's side when she awakens.

Close as You
Ashley and Andros are still stranded.

Request for Assistance
Aquitar asks the Astro team for help.

Sometimes there's nothing you can do.

Andros and Ashley are safe, but Aquitar is not.

System Clear
Aquitar receives help from the Alliance.

The Astro Rangers act their age.

Last One Back
Sometimes there's nothing you can do.

The Rangers gather in the park.

Friday Night
Astrea chooses sides.

Pajama Brigade
The Dark Fortress won't let her go that easily.

Some people can toast marshmallows, and some can't.

An epilogue to "Marshmallows".

First Star

First Star
"Two weeks after Kerone's defection, Dark Spectre invades our galaxy."

"Kerone hasn't left the Dark Fortress behind completely."

Worlds Apart
Cassie receives an unwanted visitor.

Hear Me
Zhane isn't responding.

Storm Shelter
"The planet isn't as benign as Zhane and Kerone thought."

Andros and Ashley talk about their relationship.

Stone's Throw
Cassie goes after Saryn.

Tessa knows more about the Rangers than they think.

Learning to Live
Tessa and Karen learn more about the Astro Rangers.

Jealous Love
"Kerone and Saryn talk."

Strategy Session
"Kerone shares her information."

Saryn and Cassie try to work things out.

Guarded Affection
The Aquitian team isn't as peaceful as it looks.

Starry Night
"Zhane tries to explain some things to Kerone."

The morning before the assault.

Under Fire
The battle begins.

Splinter Group
Prisoners are taken.

Battle Cry
Reinforcements arrive.

The clock is ticking.

Help comes from an unexpected source.

Nightmare Legacy
Soldiers are easier to fight than dreams.

How real are they?

The nightmares aren't over yet.

Zhane finds a new way to harrass Saryn.

We fight some battles alone.

Awake and Dreaming
Carlos finally confronts his feelings.

Every Morning
The others confront other things.

Together Alone
The quiet of in between.

For Honor
The Rangers are honored.

Remember This
The things that matter.