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An Open Letter to My Readers

From Robert Gutheim

Dear Readers

This letter is to update you on a few things

First Off Iím still writing but nothing else has been released. Here is the status on the Various Series

Lost Adventures of Plastica and Headset, New Adventures of Plastica and Headset Life on Terra Venture, Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force

This is one Series going from second season MMPR through Journeyís End Part 3. This series is over with.

Life on Mirinoi a.k.a. UltimaForce

This series is still being written for the moment. It will be ending soon though.

Plasticaís Time Force Adventures

This series is also still being written but for how long I donít know. Once I finish this series Iím going to retire from canon writing and stick with Non-Canon.

Power Rangers Demona

This series is finished

Zordonian Rangers

This series is still going on and will for a while. Itís a collaborative effort right now but that might change. My co-author Unicron has dropped off the face of the Earth. I havenít decided yet if Iím going to take over and turn it into the Solo endeavour that I had planned originally for it to be or take on a new co-author. No matter what decision I make it will get a face lift. I like the overall direction the series is taking but there are a few things Unicron wanted in there that I didnít agree with. Take Vanessa and Roxanne Jackson for instance I like the telepathic connection the two sisters have but Roxanneís choice of partner in my opinion isnít right for PR even outside of canon. IF I was to do it alone I would make her heterosexual. I would also rework in a major way the entire period from ZR12-20. Iíd probably choose a different planet and set of citizens since I know little about Sailor Moon. The Stuff on Capsilon IX I would leave alone though since thatís part of what I like. The Maintainers though will if theyíve already posted ZR12-18 be allowed until the decision is made to leave them up.

If you are interested in co-authoring for Zordonian then contact me at the e-mail address on the site you found this at or if the address isnít working through the Site Maintainer who will have my current address. When you write me tell me how you would rework Zordonian and I will look at your ideas and see if I like them.

Requirements for possible co-authors

Valid E-mail address

Time Oriented I have a lot of demands on my time and you probably will as well.

Ability to handle attachments especially zip files.

Microsoft Office í97 or higher but you have to be able to save the files as í97. After all some of my files are on Excel and I use Word for my wordprocessing. (If all you have is Works that will do).

A Willingness to compromise on issues.

Geo Rangers

You bet This series will continue after all itís just starting up. The Geo Rangers were originally conceived during Demona Rangers for times when a few of those rangers were on Earth. Recently I decided to give them their own series.

The Adventures of Plastica and Headset

The Adventures of Plastica and Headset : The Origin
Two ordinary people find themselves presented with an unusual opportunity.

The Lost Adventures : Kimberly
Kimberly is missing...

Plastica and the Power Rangers vs. the Mountains
When the Rangers are lost in the Mountains it's up to Plastica to find them.

Return of Some Old Comrades
Some old friends are coming home.

Happy Birthday Trini
The gang is going to surprise Trini on her birthday.

New York Rangers
The gang plans what to do for their school break.

The Lost Adventures : Triple Trouble
Zedd doesn't take Christmas off.

Turbo Crisis
Two new allies help the Turbo Rangers.

Who Are Your Friends?
The group is up against a massive foe.

Terra Venture
Plastica and Headset are headed for a grand adventure.

Psych Problems
Plastica and Headset get to know the Galaxy Rangers.

Power Restored
When Robert's powers start to affect him and they have to find help Trey comes to their aid.

Flitter Power Up
Just who is the Mysterious New Ally that retrieved Leo's Sword and Kai and Kendrix's daggers.

Hi gang. Believe me PRLG is fun to write for. With the next fic The series name is changing from the Adventures of Plastica and Headset the Lost Adventures to The New Adventures of Plastica and Headset Life on Terra Venture. I felt that With a whole bunch of new Adventures a new Title was needed.

Life on Terra Venture

Basketball Superstar
Scorpious causes trouble when a famous Basketball Star visits Terra Venture.

Return of the Steel Brigade
When Stephanie is kidnapped and the Colony needs back-up, a Ship brings some familiar people.

Mud in Your Eyes
When the plumbing gets stopped up, it spells trouble for Visegrip and the Defense Force.

Rest in Peace
Scorpius's latest attack causes problems for Plastica and the Flitter.

Power Rangers Christmas Special
The Demona Rangers Meet Plastica

Power Rangers Alpha-1 Defense Force

A New Beginning
The fight is back on.

Dawn of the Zenith, Part One
Even the Steel Brigade can't translate the Galaxy Book.

Dawn of the Zenith, Part Two
Robert Recruits Skull into the ADF.

Return to Mirinoi
Maya finds a small surprise when she returns home.

A Spooktacular Time
Special Guests The Astro Rangers.

The Rangers remember the Pink Ranger.

Kerovan Pink
Karone explores her new home.

Land of the Lost
Robert finds himself almost powerless in the LOST GALAXY.

Is that a ghost or Jessica's sister?

Demona Ranger in the Lost Galaxy
The Demona Rangers assist the Galaxy Rangers.

The Final Chapter
The ADF gets used to its new home

Power Rangers Demona

Demona Characters

Power Rangers Demona
When trouble strikes Terra Venture in the future, a new team is formed.

Tanks, Planes, and Hummers
The Rangers get their Zords.

Help from the White
A new Rangers shows up.

Base Changes
The Demona Ranges get a new base.

Ninja Spirit
The Demona Rangers take a spirit quest.

Visit From an Old Friend
Janet decides to pay Brianca a visit.

Aerial Assault
The latest Battle literally takes them to the sky.

The Search
As the Search for TJ's mother continues Sue's cousin is injured.

The Power Explained
Powermatic explains the origin of the Demona Powers.

Big Trouble
A new villain wants to join Forces with Mechinack

Power Rangers Christmas Special
The Demona Rangers Meet Plastica

Even Bigger Trouble
Haradomous is back

Return of the Purple
Hey Hey Hey the Gangs all here.

Call of the Guardian
The Rangers travel to Brakenous IV.

Special Visitor
The Demona Rangers receive a special visitor.

Power Eclipsed
The Rangers Discover a Third Morph that their powers give them.

Rescue Plans
The Rangers Battle a Familair Semian while trying to Rescue The Flitter.

A Gray Day
Not even Haradomous can keep a ranger evil.

A Day in the Life of a Ranger
Jim's first full day as a Ranger.

The Triforian Academy
Brianca visits her Ranger Alma Mater.

The New Zords
The rookies receive their Zords.

Demona Ranger in the Lost Galaxy
The Demona Rangers assist the Galaxy Rangers.

Ranger Wedding
Andrew and Janet get married.

A Period for Change
Changes abound for the Colored Warriors.

School Days are Here Again
Kenya and Jake start school in Settlement 14.

Return of Mechinack
Watch out because he's back.

Saying Goodbye Isn't Easy
Time for Christine to leave and Brianca gets an Offer from Eltare.

The Clumsy Ranger
Teri finds being a ranger isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Computer Problems
A Computer Virus Plagues Capsilon IX

Journey to the Past and Future
The Demona Rangers Battle in two time periods

To Save a Child
The Rangers help rescue some Missing Kids and a little R&R.

A Capsilon Christmas
Christmas brings a few surprises.

Dawn of a New Year
Some more interesting Developments.

Amelia gets used to a new school while the Rangers fight in the Arctic.

Trouble in the Grove
Angel Grove is in Bad shape and Andrew is investigating why.

Power of Zordoniam
A Special Team from Rangertech studies the Zordoniam under Settlement14.

A Changed Soul Emerges
Teri witness's a bizarre happening.

Senturions Unite
Hankoid is busted.

Forces of Good Unite
Evil is threatening Capsilon once again so Amelia helps summon a new team.

The Fall of Mechinack
The series finale.

Life on Mirinoi

A Changed Planet
Maya looks back on how Mirinoi has changed.

Journey to the Past and Future
The Demona Rangers Battle in two time periods

The Power of Ultima
Sue receives a new power.

Arsenal of Ultima
Sue learns more about her Powers.

Pride of Ultima
Karone's experience as Astronema helps Sue.

Terror of Weiskoph
The Dark Lord personally captures the Superranger.

Some interesting things are revealed.

Plastica's Return
Guess who is back from their vacation...

The Zordonian Rangers

Zordonian Characters

Call to Battle
Evil is threatening Capsilon once again so Amelia helps summon a new team.

Blast from Yellow's Past
Marsha learns she wasnít as alone as she thought.

Distracted Green
Gregís mind is on someone instead of the battle.

Red Insecurity
Michelle questions her qualifications to being the leader...

Power of Seven
Are the New girls really what they seem?

Behold the Ninja
Lord Xenon increases his forces. What the Rangers be able to stand against his improved army?

Bitter Rivalry
It seems that the Twin's past comes back to haunt them!

Questing Blue
Bobby is on a mission for Professor Damon. What is it and how will help team's struggle against the evil forces?

Birthday Wishes
It's a special day for one of the Rangers, their birthday.

New Recruit
Nightshade has retrieved a weapon which makes trouble for the Rangers.

Teal Recognition
A girl with a familiar last name joins the rangers

Guardian Down
A mysterious person visits Capsilon IX.

Guardian Down, Part Deux
The Zordonian Team deploys to help Sereia. Appearance by Plastica.

Return to Action
The recalled Demonas are in over their head.

Journey to Diatles
Andrea is called back to Diatles.

Guardian Down, Part Trey
The Zordonians continue to help Sereia.

The Tide Turns
Things Improve on both Fronts.

Behold the Violet Ranger
Kistra and Linoka arrive back on Capsilon IX.

Morgana's Fall, Part One
Things are coming to a close on Minosia.

Morgana's Fall, Part Two
The Rangers finish up on Minosia and head for home.

The Rangers Seek to learn the secret identity of the Scarlet Ranger.

To Help a Friend
Will Nina ever be the same or will Nightshade take over completely?

When Lord Xenon retaliates for losing two servants it get's personal.

Plastica's Time Force Adventures

Request for Help
Jen and Wes seek out Plastica and Headset while Nadira tries to attack the Big Apple.

Silver Hills, Here Comes Plastica
Plastica and Headset visit the Time Force Rangers.

Saving the Tower
Plastica and Headset help the Rangers save their home.

Backup from Goddard
While the Time Flyers were down, the Rangers have to call in Plastica.

The Age of Quantum
Plastica meets the Quantum Ranger.

The Encounter with Alex
Alex even annoys Plastica and Headset.

Geo Rangers

The Geo Synchronization Project
Five teens are recruited for a very special project.

The Megazord Rises
The Geo Rangers try out the Geo Megazord.

The Kitten Invasion
Taxicat tries to sneak Kitatons into homes.

An Android in School
Angel Grove Elementary gets a very unusual student: Gamma.

Howling Grove
Gamma tries to figure her Halloween costume out.

Standalone Fics

Inside the Mind of the Magna Defender
The Magna Defender opens up to Leo.

When Peace and Love Collapse
The Steelbrigade and The Rangers help celebrate Peace and Love

Rangers Princess of Eltare
Teri is given a special offer by Prince Goldarean.

To Contact or Not to Contact
What did prompt the letter Marsha received?

Rangers Regroup
The Rangers get together after two friends disappear.

When Two Rangers Meet
How did Bobby and Sarah grow close?