Fics by Rangergirl Q. Jedidiah

Simple Wishes

Wish Upon a Star
Andros and Ashley have a discussion about his place in the team.

Ghost Eyes
Ashley tells Cassie about an old, painful memory.

Cultural Exchange
Ashley and Andros go on a date in the SimuDeck.

Le Rossignol
Cassie and TJ talk about themselves over some music.

Carlos meets an alien friend of Andros'.

Silver Wishes
Zhayne's feelings of guilt over her past lead her to reveal an important secret to Andros.

No Place That Far
The Rangers have a mission- Take Karone from the Dark Fortress.

Quest Crosstime

Their fate lies in the hands of a people they've never even met.

Down the Rabbit Hole
The Universe as we know it will never be the same...

To Tell the Truth
The truth is not as simple as anyone suspects.

Reflections on Crooked Walking

Love's Sacrifice
Who really built the Scorpion Stinger?