Fics by Mele

The Zeo Chronicles

Tommy finds himself in a very bizarre world.

Strangers With Familiar Faces
Tommy isn't just Tommy, anymore.

Twenty-four Hours
When Billy gets a concussion, he has to be kept awake for twenty-four hours.

Forty-eight Days
Jason and Billy are kidnapped.

Male Bonding
Jason, Tommy and Billy have their relaxing vacation in the forest disrupted by murder...

Identity Crisis
A teleportation accident causes peprsonality displacements among five Rangers.

Inescapable Destiny
Jason travels back in time in an alternate dimension to assemble the first team.

Friends in Faraway Places
Billy finds he has friends far and near in the wake of being kidnapped.

Before and After

Forged in Flames
The five original Rangers had to forge their friendship at some point.

Elemental Bonds
A sudden, violent storm stands the Rangers on a deserted island....

Someone To Watch Over Me
Tragedy hits close to home in Angel Grove.

That Which Doesn't Kill You
The original team learned harsh life lessons long before they became Power Rangers.

A Last Goodbye
An old friend comes back to Angel Grove.


Mother's Day
Sometimes the questions you don't ask are more painful than the ones you do.

Rocky : A Love Story
Even when tragedy strikes, true love will survive.

An alien race tries to destroy the Gold Ranger.

Billy faces a choice that will change his life.

Learning to Forgive
Tommy finally faces his past.

Christmas Angels
Angels of all kinds help Billy find some Christmas joy.

What Price Duty>
with Dagmar Buse, The death of a teammate teaches the Rangers about duty.

The Clone War : A Retelling
An alternate ending to the episode "Blue Ranger Gone Bad."

A Small Act of Kindness
Even the smallest acts can make a big difference.

Attack of the Yosties
The title pretty much says it all....

Attack of the Yosties 2: Initiation
Once was definitely not enough ...

There are many things that make a hero.

Shattered Dreams
Billy's tragic accident shatters more lives than his own.

The Boy Inside
Was Jason always an athlete?