Fics by Mandi Ohlin


Wherever You Are
Death wasn't waiting for Mike in the chasm.

New Blood
Part Four
Mike is adjusting to Sunnydale, but he's not the only new face in town...


Don't Speak
Billy has something important to say.

A Minute Without You
Trini is back.

Lie to Me
Kimberly is leaving Florida, and someone isn't happy about it.

Irreconcilable Differences
Rocky never has had luck with romances.

Zordon's work isn't quite finished.

Special Case
Parts 2-7
Finished!!! An eventful Stargate mission raises serious questions about a rookie lieutenant. What's a former Ranger to do when Zordon's vanished?

Non-PR Fics

The N-Files
X-Files/Captain N: The Game Master crossover
Our favorite agents investigate a serial killer and a California teen's three-year disappearance. What they find is even stranger than anything Mulder could dream up.