Fics by Kari Jones

'Hi! I'm Adli, Kari's muse. I just want to let you know that none of these fics would be possible without me! *smirk*'

Big 'ol Disclaimer: Here ye, here ye. I do NOT own the Power Rangers. If _I_ owned them...but let's not get into that. *grin* I do however own a few people in my series. In my "White Ranger" series, I own Nikki, and her parents. In my "Birth of White Astro" series(which is a remake of the original "White Ranger" series)I own Mackenzie and her dad. You are welcome to use them, as long as you ask me, and promise not to do anything immoral to 'em. ;)

Oh! I almost forgot! My newest series, "Double Trouble", I own the following: Madison of KO-35, Destiny of KO-35, Vance of KO-35, Fuller of KO-35, and the original Astro Rangers: Caleb, Dimitrius, Winfield, Amity and Kiora. Don't worry, it sounds weird, but you'll recognize the other's in this series. :)

Author's notes: Eek! Where to start...

I want to thank every one at YC MB for reading and responding to my occasional teaser and questions, and to all my online buddies for putting up with me when I'm complaining about Writer's Block, or asking for weird Song lyrics. ^_-

Especially to Jeremy for proofin' a lot of my stories and the encouraging words, Cynthia for the great suggestions and letting me her borrow her Cyber Gun, Trelliah for keeping my insanity down to bare minimum(Tre! Stop drooling at the Pizza guy and listen to me!! ;), Suzy, my Partner in Crime, for proofing stories and going brain diggin' with me(long story) and to WhiteZeo for providing her endless happiness, smiles, encouragement and sharing my interest with "interesting" couples. *hugs*

And all you wonderful fic writers and fic readers, we rule the PR Online world! ^_^

Having said all that(if I haven't scared you away yet...)by all means, read my stories!

White Ranger

White Ranger
A White Astro Ranger has been chosen.

Return of Justin
Nikki finds someone to confide in.

Wedding Blues
Astronema always manages to ruin everything.

Things Change Over and Over
More changes for the Astro team.

Zhane Who?
The five older Astro Rangers are captured, and Zhane is found on KO-35...still alive.

Reason for Everything
Nikki get's help from unexpected source.

Lies of Love
Nikki's cousin comes to adopt her but what does he really want?

Lies of Love 2
Nikki is upset she never got a chance to say goodbye.

Lies of Love 3
Nikki and Justin are reunited. For a while, at least.

Lies of Love 4
It's up to Nikki now.

Lies of Love 5
Nikki is awake, but what happens next?

White No More
Thanks to a new monster, Nikki's powers might be gone forever.

White No More 2
Nikki's in some serious trouble.

Tots to Superheroes

Once Upon a Time
How they might have met.

Birth of White Astro

The Astro team is up for some tough attitude desicions.

You Believe in Me?
Mackenzie doesn't think she can do it, but that's not what Zordon believes.

Laisse-moi t'aimer

I Dream of You
Being alone gives people a chance to dream...

I Swear
Cassie and Phantom both realize they were meant to be.

Love That Drove Her Crazy
Kim realizes just how much she misses Tommy.

It Was Fate
Cassie and Zhane bump into each other...literally.

I'm Not Gonna Shave My Legs For This
But...if you ask me to...

Stand by Me
Ryan just wants Kelsey to understand.

Evil Times Two

Double Trouble
What if Darkonda had taken not only Karone, but Andros too?

Standalone Fics

At the end of a long life, an old man thinks back on it.

The End
This is the stuff you don't expect to happen.

Some Day I'll Know
Karone reflects a little.

Power Ranger Wash and Dry
So many problems arise on Laundry Day.

It's All Coming Back
Tommy and Kim get back together.

A Greater Love
Memories of the past resurface.

Christmas Spirit
Two lonely souls find one another.