Fics by KJ

Ranger Scrolls

Disclaimer: All known Power Ranger characters (Jason, Tanya, Mondo, ect.) belong to Saban. Callisto belongs to Universal. Every other character, unless otherwise mentioned, belongs to me. You're more than welcome to use them, just e-mail me and let me know first.

A New Ranger
Katherine's cousin Carri comes to Angel Grove.

Best in the Bigs
When Carri goes to Rocky's baseball tryouts, she's gets quick a shock.

Oh Brother
Carri's brother has come to visit.

Time Travel
Tommy and Katherine go on a small, unexpected trip.

Green With Evil
The bad guys couldn't have won, could they?

When Archerina tries her hand at a spell, the Earth ends up with only one Ranger to defend her.

An Old Friend
Kimberly has come for a visit.

An old friend has come to Angel Grove.

Slayers just seem to invite trouble.

Too Far Back
Time travel is never trouble-free.

Kat Times Two
Katherine ends up split in half.

Worlds Apart/Worlds Together
A very powerful villain decides to pay Earth a visit.

New Enemy
When the gang from USA High shows up in Angel Grove, wild times are certain.

Trouble in Paradise
Kimberly invites the Rangers to come visit her in Florida.

A Sad Goodbye
The Rangers have to say goodbye to one of their oldest members.

Back to Action
Carri has been presented with a wondrous opportunity.

Bad Alliances
Spike and Drusilla create a new alliance.

Across Alternate Universes
A different type of evil comes to Earth.

Blue Times
Everything can't always come out ok.

Two Loves
Kat has a difficult choice to make.

Old faces come back.

Standalone Fics

N'Sync Rangers
When the Rangers quit, Zordon has to find more slaves. Er, Power Rangers.

Kendrix accidentally unleashes a great evil.

A Second Hellmouth
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Pacific Blue
The mayor finds a way to distract the slayer.