Fics by Julia H.

Shades of the Prism

Higher Ground
Something isn't right in the universe. The original team, with one slight change, ends up navigating toward Angel Grove, but will this fix the problem or intensify it?

The six "kidnapped" begin to learn what Aster has planned for them. Back on Earth, the remaining Rangers team together to try and help out.

Shadowing Forth

Baptism of Fire
In the future, the current team of Rangers are the children of former Rangers. And they have to face an evil greater than anything yet to be faced.

Red Sky at Morning
Oddity abounds, but that's not really so odd in Angel Grove.

Red Sky : Ranger Take Warning
The Wraiths have a personal vendetta against the Rangers.

The Wraiths have a new plan and Thomas is being tempted by the dark side. Can things get any worse?

In the middle of the night, Will finds himself deep in thought over some old photographs.

With Corry missing, the Rangers can't help but feel deep despair at the situation. However, the fight must continue.

Maelstrom II : Into the Darkness
Time for the Rangers to even up the score. They're taking the fight to Jett's Realm and ending this once and for all...they hope.

Standalone Fics

Sparks fly when Tommy and Kimberly reunite with Katherine still in the picture.

Missing Person
Even after all of these years, Andros is still trying to come to grips with Karone.

Much Ado About...Nothing
There's another team of people in colored suits out there, and the Rangers intend to find out just what the deal is.

Love You More
In an apartment in London, two lives are about to be drastically changed.

In the Wake
Alpha was created to serve Zordon. And now that Zordon is gone...

Vengeance is Mine
What is that guy thinking?