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The Earth Crystals

A Note From the Author : First off, let me sincerely thank everyone who has read the Earth Crystals, and a super special thank you to everyone who has taken to time to let me know what you think of it. Thank you to everyone who's given me the inspiration to continue writing whenever I had a serious case of writer's block. By writing this series, I truly believe it has helped me to become a much better writer than I was in the beginning. Also, a thanks to everyone who has endured reading this series even though I made the most dreaded faux pas that was induced from two months of pain medication when my judgements was down. Again, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. 8^)

And in addition, I have finished the Earth Crystals saga. I posted the last fic to this series on September 25, 2013. It's very unlikely there will be future PR fics from me, so let me just say thanks for sticking with me, folks. I've enjoyed every minute of it. (Oh, and for those of you wondering, Maya would have won Survivor: Phaedos and Zack and Angela were going to get together at the end of Candle in the Wind.)

Pictures of Non-Canon Earth Crystals Rangers
This is a page that has pictures of the non-canon Rangers in Earth Crystals.

The Earth Crystals
The Power Rangers find themselves facing their toughest enemy yet, Lord Zedd's Mother. It's going to take all of the Power Rangers, past and present, to stop her, if even that will be enough.

Just what exactly does Jenga have up her sleeve? If it's from Jenga, you can be sure that it won't be good.

It's always hardest for those left behind.

Home No More
A source of dark evil has been summoned, endangering everyone and everything.

Heart and Soul
Justin finds himself facing Death's Door after Jenga gets close and personal.

Inside the Grid
Surprises abound when Duran's powers increase to a dangerous, Earth destroying level.

Unleashing the Power
Justin must attempt to tap the Great Power on Phaedos before he can go sliding to help bring the five missing Rangers home. However, Jenga is also affected by his journey to the Monolith.

Duran's strength is at full power. The beginning of the end is at hand...

Parallels Again
When four of the Rangers go on a search and rescue mission across the dimensions, things are anything but simple.

Phantom One
Zack and Aisha just want to spend a quiet evening together on the town, but if Jenga and Phantom Ranger have anything to say about it, their evening certainly won't be quiet.

Dream Walking
On the other world, the Blue and Pink Rangers are having their dreams filled with a mysterious repeating message.

Phantom Two
Jenga's sister shows up to join the Dynasty of the Apocalypse. This only increases the chaos in the Rangers' lives, but fortunately, new allies will be showing up soon.

The Switch
Tommy, Trini, Skull, and Justin have finally arrived in the other dimension, but of course, things never go smoothly for the Power Rangers.

Phantom Three
Jenga has come up with a plan to make Phantom Ranger's evil permanent. Can the Rangers stop her before it is too late?

Leaving the Shadows
Emily is taken to Phaedos for intense mental and physical training. Meanwhile, Darkonda has come to challenge Jenga's role as Supreme Evil.

Thunder on the Horizon
Jenga's got a new plan. Why use one evil Ranger, when you can use five? Meanwhile, the other Rangers are gearing up to come home. It'll work this time, won't it?

Shining Tears
Sydney's sliding days are over. But is she home now?

Phantom Four
In the course of one day, Jenga and Astronema leave the Dynasty, the Phantom Ranger begins to redeem herself, and a new ally shows up. Things are never calm in Angel Grove.

Hope Springs Eternal
Is Katherine being targeted for an plan of evil beyond mortal comprehension?

Long, Hard Summer
Jenga and Astronema are off on the quest of a lifetime.

Fall From Grace
The Power Rangers of the future have fallen.

Dead of Winter
One chapter in history is about to close, and another is about to begin.

In Angel Grove and the universe at large, a myriad of things, big and small, are always occurring.

Seeds of Chaos
Jenga may be bored with the fight, but Divatox has a plan that could turn the lights out on Angel Grove.

First Snow
The Turbo Rangers have returned from Phaedos, and just in time, because Angel Grove has turned chaotic.

Final Throes
The fight is in its final throes, and Jenga has an announcement that will surprise everyone.

Angel Grove and the Rangers all have a lot to be thankful for.

Galaxy Rising
When Scorpius attacks Mirinoi, help is sought on Earth.

Marge goes on her Mancer Quest, and a new group of villains have arrived.

Miles to Go
It's finally the night of the school dance, but safety is nowhere to be found.

The Two Faces of Sydney
Which Sydney is real?

The fight draws to its inevitable end.

Survivor: Phaedos

The Official Survivor: Phaedos Webpage
This webpage was created by Sine Jones with my permission. I am incredibly flattered that she chose to do this, and I hope you'll visit the webpage she worked so hard on.

Episode One: The Vortex
In the end, only one will remain. Outwit, outplay, outlast. Survivor.

Candle in the Wind

A Note From the Author : Imagine an adventure where anything goes, an adventure that could force you to travel halfway around the globe at the spur of a moment, an adventure that is of the utmost importance. If you fail, the world will not live to see the new year. You have just become a Candle in the Wind.

Standing Outside the Fire
An unlikely group of ex-Rangers, plus a familiar face from the past, find themselves in a race against the clock to save the world from a new evil.

One Emotion
When the teens go after the first demon, they discover that they are changing in profound, incredible ways.

Rope the Moon
The gang ends up in Amazon, and they learn much, much more about the responsiblities of guarding the Chest than they ever would have imagined.

Wide Open Spaces
The ChestKeepers end up in Washington, D.C., and after encountering this demon, some of them will definitely never be the same.

Evil can come in small packages.

I'll Think of a Reason Later
The new demon is going to take them back home to Angel Grove.

Just One Little Kiss
One little kiss can be fatal.

Missing Medley

A Note From the Author : Missing Medley is a very eclectic series. Whereas in most series, all of the fanfics are related, that isn't the case here. Missing Yellow is of no relation to any of the others. These are bound by only three things: one, their author. Two, their title. And three, their length. Happy reading.

Missing Pink
The Pan Global Games affected more lives than Kimberly's.

Missing Blue
Kimberly has an interesting reaction to news of Billy and Kat's relationship.

Missing White
Tommy is more than a little upset after trading his White Armor for Red. Fortunately, a friend is around to help him out.

Missing Yellow
Trini's life may change, all thanks to a bizarre painting purchased at a Flea Market.

Missing Tanya
Adam was just beginning to think that Tanya was out of his life for good when she showed back up. Tanya definitely has something up her sleeves, but Adam can't figure out just what it is.

Missing Mike
The price of becoming the Red Galaxy Ranger weighs heavily on Leo's mind.

From the Inside Out

Jason still can't believe his good luck.

Friendship Bracelets
Trini ponders the life change required to become a Ranger.

Blue History
Billy thinks back on his days as the Blue Ranger.

The Lost Adventures

Ebony and Onyx
An ordinary teleport for Carlos turns out to be anything but ordinary.

Leaving Kansas

Leaving Kansas
The war may be over, but the real adventure is just beginning.

Standalone Fics

A Different Shade of Zeo
Kimberly's return to Angel Grove is accompanied by a trio of mysterious Rangers.

Another Christmas Miracle
Tommy is about to be given the strangest Christmas present he's ever received.

Life Twice Lived
One of the Rangers has lived a very interesting life.

Parental Consent
The Ranger teens decide to tell their parents the truth.

Man in Pink
A new face has joined an old organization. This new agent is going to bring about some interesting changes.

Jumanji - The New Game
The exciting consequences of the game will not vanish until a player has reached Jumanji and called out it's name...

Bleeding Blue
Billy has returned from Aquitar, but his reasons for returning aren't something to rejoice over.

Unanswered Prayers
At a football game in Angel Grove future, Tommy runs into a lost love.

Typical First Date
Jason has finally gotten the nerve up to ask Emily out.

Figuring out the killer is gonna be murder.

The Blue-Haired Girl
Leo sees a woman on a bus that captures his imagination, but she will prove to be very difficult to find.

Christmas Stars
Something bad has happened in Who-ville... Er, Terra Venture.


Moon Over Angel Grove
Spoofery abounds when Drew Carey, Mimi, and Kate take a trip to Angel Grove.

Really Want
Zordon has a new idea for the Zeo Team.

Really Need
When Green Ginger Ranger leaves, the other Rangers have to get a replacement.

When Power Rangers Attack
Just who is that man in the black coat with the crowbar?

I Can Love You Better
Kimberly and Katherine give Tommy an ultimatum : "Choose one of us or die."

The True Phantom Annoyance
Cassie faces her most dangerous, and spoofiest, villains yet.

Non-PR Fics

Sister Slayer
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Buffy and her friends come across a new, but older, Slayer. Meeting this woman will forever change their lives.

Fics Written Under the Pseudonym Red Warrior
Running From a Nightmare

Note from the Author : Everyone likes to be scared. Whether you're afraid of the monster under the bed, the murdered at the summer camp, or the scarred man in your dreams, everyone is afraid of something. Horror movies have always intrigued me, even when I was forced to watch them through my fingers. Fans of horror movies will hopefully get a kick out these fics, and those of you who don't watch horror might even be compelled to pick up a movie or two to rent. Might I recommend Nightmare on Elm Street? After all, it's just a movie...
A Nightmare in Angel Grove
One, two, Freddy's comin' for you...

Night of the Living Rangers
And the dead will walk the Earth...

Child's Play 4 : Chucky's Last Stand
There comes a time to put away childhood things. But some things you put away just won't stay put.

Hellrisen : Destroying the Box
An old friends is pulled into the stories, just in time for the most horrific adventure the Rangers have ever had to face.

Friday the 13th X - The Voorhies Curse
The teens find themselves at Camp Crystal Lake, and the bodies start piling up.

A Nightmare in Angel Grove 2 : Return to the Old Ways
If Tanya doesn't wake up screaming, she won't wake up at all.