Fics by Jason Festa

Syber Series

A picture of JC!

New Friends
A new villainness has arrived, and she has murder on her mind.

The team is gonna have to make some adjustments.

Blue No More
JC might be out of action.

Adjustments 2 : Transfer
Tommy founds out he has to give up his powers in the next week. Adam, Kimberly, and Tommy have to find replacements, and fast.

Are You That Somebody?
Jc is having a bit of an identity crisis.

The Boy is Mine
In a young man's mind, a mental war is raging.

Return of the Ninja
Some of the Rangers are off on a quest.

A Purple Rising
Jc must face up to his past in order to have a future with the Soldiers.

A Recharged Spirit
While Jc is on his quest for power, Kimberly takes one of her own.


Raising the Dead
As Andros parties away his first Halloween with the Rangers, Astronema decides to crash and make it a Halloween Andros will never forget!