Fics by Jacqui Beres

Someone dear to Adam is injured.

Without You
Cassie wishes she could do things differently.

Guiding Threads
Zhane and Andros have a little talk.

Starless Sky
Andros ponders the present.

Why can't the Space Rangers ever get a break?

Andros comes across someone he never expected to.

Long Way Home
TJ ponders a slight dilemma.

Karone muses over things.

Standing Outside the Fire
Karone muses over things.

If You Go
Can Andros really leave Ashley behind?

Slaying the Green-Eyed Dragon
Kai comes to grips about his feeling for Kendrix.

Once Upon a December
Astronema learns the truth about her past...but is she ready to accept it?

Lemon Tree
Justin regrets giving up his powers...until an old friend comes back.

Don't Speak
Carlos realizes he's lost Ashley.

Sunday Morning
Tommy needs to convince Kat to stay.

The Tocsin
Phantom's side of the coin.

To Make You Feel My Love
Zhane reveals his feelings to Karone.

Fly Away
Rocky's got his eye on someone.

Tommy reflects on the past.

Lots of things happen in hospitals.

It's All Coming Back To Me Now
Mike has some explaining to do.

Last Kiss
Jason says goodbye.

Jason finds some comfort

Beloved Wife
How does a Ranger go on without his other half?

Call and Answer
Adam's little sister needs his help.

What Would Happen?
Tanya's having second thoughts.

The rangers have to say goodbye.

You'll Be in My Heart
Billy remembers someone special

Cry Out Loud
TJ reflects on his relationship with Cassie.

I Should Tell You
Cassie and Phantom finally reveal their feelings

Switching Sides
Rocky goes where no man has gone before.

Adam decides where his heart lies.

The Hardest Thing
Tommy comes to a decision.

Standing on the Edge of the World
Rocky wishes they weren't so grown up.

Andros reflects on his sister.

Kai remembers his fallen friend.

Who Needs Sleep?
Insomnia can be a real pain.

You're Gone
Rocky remembers.

Something in Common
Billy and Rocky realize that they do have something in common after all.

Cherche Encore
Jason deals losing command.

Lucky Ones
Karone thinks about Zhane.


Dukes of Stone Canyon
Did you really think that Aisha, Adam and Rocky were perfect angels as kids?

Pet Tales
The Rangers reminisce about old friends.