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The Power Ranger Chronicles


The continuous struggle of good against evil is as old as time itself. On countless planets in countless galaxies, these two forces have battled each other. Neither side has claimed more victories than the other, so the scales remain balanced. That, however, is about to change.

The time of the Great Battle is drawing near. It will be this battle that will forever decide the fate of the universe. It has been written that when the Furies, the driving Forces of the universe, become unbalanced, the Fates spin out Chosen to try and even the scales. On the eve of the Great Battle, many such beings will be spun out--some good, some evil. And so it falls to a certain group of young people, on a small planet known to its inhabitants as Earth, to forever extinguish the flame of evil from time and space.

I am called the Keeper of the Chronicles. It is my blessing, and also my curse, to observe and record events of universal significance, but to never interfere in them. I have sworn this on the sacred Book of Knowledge, and I dare not break that vow. The story I relate to you now is an epic campaign of love and of loss, of valor and of victory. It is my privilege to communicate to you the heroic struggle of a very special group of teenagers-a group that will eventually be known to one and all as the Power Rangers!

Volume I: A Legend Reborn


The true story of the Power Rangers is known by very few, and it is a closely guarded secret. But parts of it leaked out, and others caught wind of it. Although most thought it mythical nonsense, some believed it enough to try and profit by it. Perhaps you may even have seen a children's television show about itů. But no matter. The story I am about to relate to you is unlike any you may have heard before.

The story actually begins with a series of adventures that few, if any, know about. In fact, during these escapades, the teenagers were not even known as the Power Rangers-and would not be for some time.

But this story is necessary, for it is during this story that the Chosen lose their innocence, and sets the stage for all of the other decisions that they are forced to make. Decisions which decide the fate of worlds.

Volume I Disclaimer: The characters in the following stories, for the most part, are not my creation. The Power Rangers characters, with the exception of Matt and Sam, belong to Saban. The Voltron cast, except Corbec and Vistro, belongs to World Events Productions. I am using these characters without the permission of the owners, and I have no intention of profiting from it. If anybody out there wants to use my characters, I don't mind as long as you tell me first. Thanks.

A Legend Reborn

Chapter 1 : Invasion!
Seven ordinary teens are given an incredible chance. Will they take it?

Chapter 2 : The Escape
The teens try to escape from Zarkon's clutches, but one of them may be left behind.

Chapter 3 : The Rescue
Samantha and Allura are scheduled for termination. Will the others be in time to stop the execution?

Chapter 4 : A Legend Reborn
Samantha and Allura are scheduled for termination. Will the others be in time to stop the execution?