Fics by Ellen Brand

A Note From the Author : To anybody reading this, I'd just like to say thank you. Thank you for reading my stuff, thank you for your e-mail, (hint, hint,) and thank you for nagging me to continue this series when I wasn't sure anyone wanted me to. To all the people whose ideas and characters I borrowed, thanks. To all of those who borrowed from me, thank you for asking first. I'm flattered that you liked them so much. Well, I think I've said enough. On with the show!

Personality Conflicts

I Wish...
Long ago, destiny was given a nudge by Sam Trueheart.

Personality Conflicts
A series of disturbing dreams have Tommy questioning his sanity. Is he losing it, or is there something more at work here?

Fathers and Sons
Detective Trevor Park never liked the Power Rangers, but now he's relying on one to save his life. Unknown to him, the Ranger is his own son.

Shadow Dancers
Things have been rocky between Tommy and Billy. When Billy is kidnapped by the evil Shadow Empire, can they patch things up before it's too late?

Dying of the Light
The loss of the Gold Powers have an unexpected side effect- Jason's dying.

Things Left Undone
The return of some old friends and the discovery of some new ones make things interesting for everyone connected to the Rangers.

Crystal's Shadow, Crystal's Light
The Zeo Crystal has a few secrets no one knew about. Will it be enough to save Jason?

Two of Hearts
A pair of unlikely romances cause the Rangers some trouble.

Crystal Blue Persuasion
When an ancient evil threatens an alien world, the only one who can save it is- Rocky?

Some unexpected information brings about what may be the end of Tommy's world.

Dark Mirror One : Tiger, Tiger
Problems arise when two new Morphin Warriors begin tapping the grid.

Dark Mirror Two : Through a Glass Darkly
As if one evil Morphin Warrior wasn't enough...

Dark Mirror Three : Heart of Darkness
Things come to a head with Rita's Dark Reflections.

The More Things Change
Shift into Turbo!

Who You Gonna Call?
Zack's in New York City, and trouble's close behind.

Inner Demons
It's Halloween, and Rocky's past has come back to haunt him in a big way.

Worlds Enough and Time
Billy's haunting dreams of an alternate reality are suddenly thrust upon him, propelling him and his duplicate into a very bizarre set of events.

Thicker than Water
The Rangers' lives get very interesting when someone from Jason's past hits town. Unfortunately, Gasket has plans to ruin the reunion.

Family Ties
A villain from Adam's past returns, causing trouble for the entire Park family.

The Green-eyed Monster
Demons from the past returns to torment the Turbo Rangers.

Final Frontier
When Dark Specter launches an attack on Earth, it's going to take more than the established Rangers to save the day. Fortunately, a new alliance is on the horizon.

Blows So Red
After spending some time with Cassie, Andros finds himself interested in the Pink Astro Ranger. Unfortunately, she doesn't necessarily feel the same way, and it looks like a new villain is going to take advantage of that.

Second Star to the Right
When Zordon is "arrested," the Rangers realize they're going to have to rally together to set things right. This also entails getting outside help.

Straight on 'til Morning
The fight on Earth escalated, prompting more superheroes to join in. In space, meanwhile, the Rangers run across pirates.

Split Decision
The fight continues in space as the Rangers split up to go to their respective planets. Meanwhile, on Earth, the superheroes are learning more about each other, and themselves.

Shadow Hearts
The Rangers and Morphin Warriors each arrive on their respective planets, while back at home, Drew, the Chromium Gold Beetleborg, changes sides.

The Waiting Game
Josh may have his chance to become a Beetleborg again, and Edenoi could finally see some sunlight.

Though the Heavens Fall
The time for Zordon's trial has arrived.

Aftermath : Subseries

This subseries of Personality Conflicts looks into the thoughts and questions of the aftermath.

Aftermath : Downshifting
The Turbo Rangers

Aftermath : Metal Sunrise
The Beetleborgs Metallix

Aftermath : Morning Stars
The Astro Rangers

Aftermath : Rider Before the Storm
Masked Rider

Aftermath : Warrior Dawn
Morphin Warriors

Aftermath : Ghostly Futures

Aftermath : Crystal Morning
Zeo Rangers

Aftermath : Virtual Dawning
V.R. Troopers

Aftermath : Loose Threads
The Professor and Mary Ann...

Resume Personality Conflicts

Shadows of the Future
When a temporal anomaly takes Rocky to the future, he finds himself in a frightening image of what could be.

Phantom Quest
Phantom Ranger has come to Earth, but he needs assistance. And fast.

Mirror, Mirror
Dark Spectre has his hands on an old artifact, and that spells trouble for the Rangers.

Firebird Run
A mysterious young woman has come to Earth, and she ends up with an Oliver for an escort.

Blue Senturion is about to get a job on the force.

Birthday Blues
Lita has a birthday coming up.

Once Upon a December
The Christmas season is upon the Rangers.

Allied Powers
Rita has been making friends, enemies, and a general nuisance of herself lately.

For Want of a Nail

For Want of a Nail
In the aftermath of the destruction of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a new, and slightly different, fighting force has arisen to protect the Earth.

Technicolor War
The Ranger roster may be new, but Mondo is up to the same old plans.

Standalone Fanfics

Final Farewell
Divatox decides to destroy the Rangers once and for all, and uses Tommy's past to do it.

Blue Eternity
When Justin is put into a coma by an explosion, the rest of the Rangers must deal with their feelings of guilt. Meanwhile, Justin finds himself in a strange world where he has a few problems of his own.

Ashes to Ashes
The loss of a Ranger causes his friends to re-examine a lot of things in their lives.

Comes the Dark
When Zedd decides to take on the Turbo Rangers, he comes up with a plan that has a lot of bite to it.

Green Magic
A series of murders in Angel Grove spells bad news for the team, especially Tommy. Can an old friend from his past help?

Midnight Sun
When Divatox takes a page from Rita's book, the Rangers find themselves in deep trouble.

Phoenix Rising
When Tommy leaves the team, he receives a couple of offers he can't refuse. Can he save the woman he loves from a new enemy?

Blue is the Color of Mourning
A horrific tragedy occurs in Justin's life that makes everyone re-evaluate their priorities.

One of the Rangers is being stalked by a psychotic admirer. Who is it, and what do they have in mind?

Shadow of Fear
A mysterious curse has befallen the Rangers, and they are dropping off, one by one.

Blood and Vengeance
This fic is an alternate look at Carlos and the Count.

The Running Ranger
Billy and Katherine find themselves trapped in the labyrinthine Power Chamber after something sabotages their base of operations.


Into the Fire
Jason's having nightmares about the Island of Muranthias. Can Tommy help him?

Flames of Love
Kimberly's having nightmares about what happened on the Island of Muranthias. Can an old friend help her?

Song and Dance
Tommy's in a serious state of depression over some old memories. However, help is just a song away.

It's Prom night, and Kat's all alone. However, a song and an unexpected friend help cheer her up.

Getting Over You
Tommy and Kimberly find themselves still dwelling over their breakup.

Never Too Late
On Christmas Eve, Lord Zedd discovers he has quite a bit in common with Tommy.

A Rock feels No Pain
In space, Andros is wondering his place in things at large.

Facing death's potential door is always a good time for lamentations.

Bishouju Ranger Sailor Space
I think this is about Sailor Moon.

Against the Odds
Bulk and Skull are farther apart than they've ever been before.

Lost and Found
They were supposed to be going home. They got side tracked.

Higher Than an Eagle
Ellen's written a Kat/Tommy fic! Will wonders never cease?

In the Air Tonight
Inside Tommy's head.

Non-PR Fics

Blood and Shadows
Real GhostBusters
The Ghostbusters face a creature unlike any they've encountered before, and things are complicated when she sets her sights on Peter.

Real GhostBusters
Peter is in for some real surprises when the Ghostbusters are called to a small town with a big problem.

Hostile Takeover
Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series
The Ducks are under Dragaunus's control, and all of them are hunting for Nosedive. Looks like it's gonna be one of those days...

Night Terrors
Real Ghostbusters
Sometimes, nightmares can be deadly.

Shadows in the Mist
Beast Wars
Sometimes, dead and gone are two different things.

Double Trouble
VR Troopers
Apparently, imitation ISN'T the sincerest form of flattery.

Down the Burning Sky
Beast Wars
Cheetor is having some problems.

Mega Man
Everyone has secrets...

Flip Side
Mega Man
Mega Man and Protoman have another trip together.

Sins of the Fathers
Nick has a visitor he'd rather have done without.