Fics by Elizabeth Wegner

Into the Labyrinth

Alpha Did What?
When Alpha is whisked away, it is up to Rocky, Billy, and Katherine to bring him back.

Journey Within
The three Ranger teens begin their journey through the labyrinth.

The Wonderful World of Oubliets
Billy learns some interesting facts about his mentor and enemy.

Enter Tesenisis
A mysterious woman greets Rocky and Katherine along their journey.

Bog of Eternal Poop
As the trio comes closer to finishing their quest, new problems and some interesting events arise.

Poor Adam Series

Stealer of Rangers
Divatox tries a new tactic by kidnapping Adam.

Wedding of the Century
Do you, Adam Park, take Divatox to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Unexpected Delivery
Diana and Adam learn something startling about their child.

The Immortal Rangers Saga

Immortal Rangers
Billy's life becomes even stranger after his Ranger days are over.

Immortal Transitions
A friend of Billy's has to deal with the concept of being an Immortal.

Viva la Vie Immortal
Adam learns he has become an Immortal.

Chosen Ones

Fall of Green Turbo
Adam is in a horrific car accident, and while he is in a coma, Zordon tells him of a change to the team.

Return of the Black
Divatox does her best to spoil Adam's bachelor party.

Standalone Fics

Tale of the Feather
Trouble abounds when dimensional travel comes into play.

Carry On
Karone is having a bit of an identity crisis.

Before I Gaze At You Again
Tommy has something important to say to both Katherine and Kimberly.

Non-PR Fics

A Cry
Star Trek

A Vedek?
Star Trek

Stuff You'll Never See
Dr. Who