Fics by Dagmar Buse

Moments in Time
On their wedding night, Jason and his wife are reliving their relationship in a series of flashbacks.

My Best Friend's Wedding
Tommy's getting married, and everybody's happy. Everybody? Not quite ...

In the Blink of an Eye
Jason and Tommy met for the first time at the Karate Expo. At least, that's what they thought ...

A Matter of Trust
Billy is getting a makeover. By Kim.

Casting Stones, I - III
Even two former Rangers can make a mistake that will change their lives.

Casting Stones IV - An Interlude
... in which Tommy learns to love again.

Casting Stones V
The bad news keeps on coming.

Casting Stones VI
Things may get worse before they get better.

Casting Stones VII
Are things finally looking up?

Casting Stones - Epilogue
Every adventure has a conclusion eventually.

To Teach a Genius
Billy's extremely smart ... but there are some things that are difficult even for him.

Every Day
Kat wants to break up with him. Jason wants to change her mind -- but how?

The Conclusion
Kim sent Tommy 'The Letter' for a reason. Can he learn to accept and deal with the situation over time?

Season's Greetings
Four former Rangers meet on Christmas Eve, bearing gifts for a friend.