Fics by Cynthia and Kahva

The Silver Flame Series

Silver Rising
A young woman with a very interesting past has become the Machine Empire's latest weapon.

Something Inheireted, Something Blue
Billy must prove himself worthy to marry Sheena, and in the process, finds a wonderful gift.

Just as Sheena thinks she is getting her life in order, King Mondo tries to ruin it.

Sheena gets a wonderful opportunity that no Earthling has ever received before. Unfortunately, she must go alone.

Dance of Light
Sheena's Quest teaches her more about herself than she would have ever dreamed possible.

Visions of Silver
As Sheena and Billy draw ever closer to their wedding day, a close friend from Sheena's past pays a visit. Unfortunately, King Mondo decides to make her visit more interesting.

Put to Rest
Sheena and Kahva find themselves in big trouble when they try to place the body of their ancestor in her rightful resting place.

Dreams of Old
Energy cannot be destroyed. Neither can memories...

Silver and Sapphire
Sheena and Billy reflect on their relationship.

Reflections of Love
An evil clone of Billy successfully alienates the happy Cranstons.

Quest for Truth
The Rangers prepare to rescue Sheena.

Standalone Fics

Fading to Black
Master Vile has kidnapped Billy for his own evil plans, and Billy is working with him of his own volition.