Fics by Cynthia

Comet's Tale Series, Rewritten

A Ranger By Any Other Name
A new white Ranger has arrived in Angel Grove. However, this Ranger works for Divatox.

When T.J. is injured due to one of Divatox's plans, it is up to Carlos and White Ranger to help him.

Wild Comet
Divatox plans to use White Ranger's Zord against her. And Morgan St. Clair has a secret she needs to share.

Mystery of the Maze
Divatox and General Havoc send the three female Rangers to another dimension.

Blood Born
Justin learns about his heritage.

Camping Trip
Just a little trip.

Life and Death

Red Blues
In light of the retrieval of the Zeo Crystal, tragedy befalls the team.

Pink Desire
The gang is still trying to recover from Tommy's death when disaster strikes again.

Red Healing
Billy still has quite a bit of emotional healing to do.

Pink Memories
Tanya prods Katherine into reexamining her feelings for Billy.

Yellow Gold
Trey of Triforia has come to Earth, and a new, permanent Gold Ranger must be chosen.

Blue Tears
Trini is grieving over Billy loving someone other than her.

Golden Jealousy
Trini gets guidance from her predecessor.

Linked Hearts
Rocky and Trini get... kidnapped.

Phantom Love
Phantom Ranger has a quest he must finish, soon.

Final Destiny
The ending of a tale.


Passing of the Pink
The power changed Katherine's life in profound ways.

Billy has come to speak to an old friend.

Romancing Red
Tommy's love life is quite. . .involved.

The Music Collection

Dust in the Wind
In the aftermath of the Power Chamber destruction, Carlos ponders the fate of everything.

Love Will Find a Way
Zhane and Astronema ponder their love life.

I'm Not in Love With You
Cassie is having some trouble sorting out her love life.

Falling in Love with a Stranger
Cassie is in love with someone she doesn't even know.

A Woman and a Man
Two people have fallen in love.

Tomorrow is My Wedding Day
Trini goes for a walk on the beach.

Love Will Show the Way
Kim is searching for true love.

Friend or Stranger
Always lend a hand.

I Knew I Loved You
Jason's coming home.

When I Saw You
When Carlos saw her...

Little Star
Ecliptor watches Karone.

Alternate Destinies

Prince of Darkness
Karone was not kidnapped here.

Silent War
There is much to do.

Dreaming of You
Ashley has been having odd dreams.

Rescue Day
Dark Rangers, danger, and love in many odd places.

Back Home?
Why would he go back?

Worlds Within Worlds

The Quest of Fire: Daisuke Motomiya.

The Quest of Earth: Adam Park

Standalone Fics

Mexican Takeout
Divatox has a hankering for a man. Carlos is a man...

Circle of Fire
In a realm of understanding beyond our own, a young woman is punished. In Angel Grove, Rocky is being tormented with dreams.

Mall Magic
Five teenagers forge the friendship of a lifetime when they end up trapped in a mall overnight.

Maligore's Children
Kimberly and Jason are still recuperating from the touch of evil.

Divatox has a plan for an evil Ranger, and she has her sights set on Jason.

I Love You, Mom
At a gravesite, Justin and his dad have a long, important talk.

The Message
Phantom did manage to get one final message to Cassie.

Parting of the Waterways
Two people look back on their lost loves, and wonder if it's too late to change things.

Dweller in the Shadows
Rewritten - What if Count Nocturne bit someone else?

Rescue Dawning
The new team has arrived.

Enter the Ninja
Who is the Ninja?

Up at the Moon
He stares at the moon

Just a little closure...

Eclipsed Green
Carlos is falling into dark danger.

Shattered Soul and Broken Heart
A letter is being read.

Hair Care
A quiet moment.

Setting Sun
The end of a life.

Love Waits
Maya and Mike have waited long enough.

Ranger's Heart
When Lightspeed meets Ninjor, sparks fly!

Crazy's My Middle Name
What's on Kelsey's mind?

Acceptance of Destiny
Kim has a problem with her fate.

Ranger's Heart
The past has returned to Kim and Zedd.

A Buzz from the Past
Why was Waspicable unable to be evil?

Kim had a pointed reason to break up with Tommy.

Non-PR Fics

Mother's Love
Sailor Moon's mother loves her very much.