Fics by Cheryl Roberts

Murphy's Law
Another title could be "Switching Places Again."

Heart's Desire
When Kimberly finds herself in a foreign land, she never expected anything good to come of it.

All I Want For Christmas
This is a darker look at why Kimberly wrote the letter, but at Christmas, things have a tendency to work out all right.

'Til Death
When Kimberly has to run for her life, she somehow ends up in Tommy's arms.

Falcon Daughter
This fic ties up some loose strings from 'Til Death

Dark Lady
table>Who is the Dark Lady, and why does she hate Kim?
Upon review, Kimberly's life didn't turn out like she thought.

Top Gun
Kimberly's piloting skills are put to the test as a determined opponent has the Crane NinjaZord in its sights.

Pretty in Pink
It's time for Tommy to pay up as his teammates welcome the new Pink Ranger. (Sequel to Top Gun)

When tragedy strikes, Kim and Tommy's love pulls them through.