Fics by Catherine Lee

Colors of Love

Red or Blue, I'll Still Love You
Will a song help cheer up TJ?

Swirls of Pink and White
A comparison of cheesecake and Tommy and Kat's relationship.

Angel in Yellow
Mike dreams of his angel.

Outside Looking In

Through My Eyes
A look at the Rangers through Alpha's eyes.

From the Past

From the Past
Dreams of the past reveal the future.

Renard D'Or

Angel in Yellow
The Gold Kerovian Ranger comes to Aquitar.


Come to You
Trini learns where Billy went after Zeo.

Setting the Record Straight
What's Cassie's connection to Phantom?

Waiting and Watching
Sequel to Setting the Record Straight. Cassie is waiting for Phantom to come home, while T.J. watches.

Divine Intervention
Cupid's made a mistake...

Coming Home
Former Rangers come home after Zordon's death.

Talent Night
Cassie sings a song for Phantom.

Will Cassie and Phantom ever be together?