Fics by Carl Turner

Author's Note - First, I'd like to thank everyone who has read my stories thus far. Second, I have 3 muses. They sometimes are in human form, but are usually female winged unicorns named Jill, Kelly, & Sabrina. Kelly, by the way said that she'd like to meet Mason. All three can assume human form. In this, they look like Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith, & Kate Jackson. They also have bizarre senses of humor, which explains my sense of humor, and my You Can't Do That On Power Rangers fanfic. Thanks again.

Power Rangers JLA

From Heroes to Legends
The Mighty Morphin Power Rnagers become members of the Justice League of America.

Kimberly, Zack, and Trini : Warrior Rangers
While fighting Putties, Kim, Zack, Trini, and Wonder woman have an unexpected time-traveling guest : Xena, Warrior Princess!

When Heroes Fall
Aquaman's gone totally murderous and wants to destroy all continents, starting with America.. and Angel Grove! It's up to Jason to stop him, but can he bring himself to do just that?

Jason's dealing with feelings of self-loathing and guilt after the events with Aquaman. Can the return of a legendary Green Lantern help him deal with this?

Heaven's What I Feel
Wonder Woman is dealing with her feelings for Zack.

Take a look at the bylaws, as well as the roster, of the Justice League of America.

Avenger Zeo, Part One : Pink, Yellow, Black, and Blue
The Rangers are sent into the past to retrieve part of the Zeo Crystal.

Avenger Zeo, Part Two : Red, Gold, and Purple
The fight is continuing...

Remember Your Power
Every male on the planet is gone, including the Rangers and the Leaguers. Now, the women save the day.

The Power Progeny
Lightstar, Geo, & Thundercats enter the battle of Good vs. Evil.

Sacred Emotion
On a picnic with Kimberly, Tommy popsthe question.

Do Billy & Trini know how they feel for each other?

The First Time I Loved Forever
...for we have a bond stronger than friendship or love...

Zack decides to talk to Angela.

Young Justice
Someone's not watching the kids!

Unisons Beyond Time
In Xena's timeframe, the Rangers & JLA fight to save history.

A day off!

The Technis Imperative
After this, the Zeo Rangers will enjoy the same relations with the reformed Titans as the Morphin team does with the JLA.

In another dimension, catastrophe rears it's ugly head.

A Mother's Promise
Hippolyta misses her daughter.

Big Boots to Fill
The ones left behind have a big job on their hands.

Inner Mission
In another dimension, catastrophe rears it's ugly head.

With This Ring
I, Kimberly, take thee Tommy...

The Light of the Green Lantern
Billy gets a power ring...and a MAJOR decision to make. ...and you can help him decide.

Alternate Power Pathways: Into the Breach
An interdimensional message leads to an important rescue mission.

Alternate Power Pathways: Search and Rescue
A little confusion for Trini, Tommy, & Kimberly when they meet their twins.

Alternate Power Pathways: Four More Saved
Zack, Tanya, Kat, & Aisha, plus their twins...and Batman.

Alternate Power Pathways: The Return of Billy Cranston
Billy, the Lightstars, and the Titans are off to Aquitar.

Alternate Power Pathways: The Time Has Come
Washington, D.C.'s been overrun with the enemy. Good news, however, more help arrives.

Morph Into Lightspeed
Powers are returned...and a NEW team is born!

The battle is joined...and plans are made.

Taking Care of Business
On 2 worlds, justice is quickly returned.

Round Robin

Back to Action, Part 1 - In the Black
Zack's back, movin & groovin'!

Back to Action, Part 2 - Think Pink
Kim's home too, and ready for anything.

Back to Action, Part 3 - Yellow Gold
...and Trini makes three.

Back to Action, Part 4 - The Red, White, and Blue
Jason, Billy, Tommy becomes the White Ranger again, Rocky, Andros, and Zordon's back!

Back to Action, Part 5 - All Together Now
Ranger teams rescue Dimitria & Astronema, plus plans for a NEW Zeo team!


Life with a Witch
Starring Kimberly in Elizabeth Montgomery's role, and Tommy in Dick Sargent's spot.

Three's Company
Come and knock on Kim, Zack, & Trini's door!

Married... with Children>
Jason & company...with a good healthy dose of BUNDY!

Standalone Fics

Power Rangers 4077
Suicide is not necessarily painless.

You Can't Do That on Power Rangers
Return of Rita Repulsa has been pre-empted, for this fic that was also pulled out of a dumpster.

Elseworlds : Power Rangers JLA
The fight against evil continues, but this time, the Rangers have a completely different arsenal of powers. This is a Round Robin fic, in which anyone is invited to write the next chapter.

I Honestly Love You
Kimberly has something to tell Zack.

Walking in the Rain
Zack & Kimberly, sitting under a tree...

Thank You for Being a Friend
Jason thinks about his friends.

I Hear a Symphony/Stoned Love
Kimberly and Zack have another date.

Dear Jessie
A brief glimpse into Zack & Kim's possible future.

Take Good Care of Her
In another dimension, catastrophe rears it's ugly head.

Brown Eyes
Zack's feelings for Kim are mirrored in this song.

Together We're Better
A day at Six Flags.