Fics by Akiko

Akiko's Purple Ranger Saga


Alex's Bio
Go to this page to see Alex's bio, as well as a graphic of her.

Click here to see an elaborate drawing of Alex in costume, complete with Artemis in the background, as done by Akiko's sister Aya.

The Purple Ranger
One of Adam's closest friends has several interesting powers that will certainly come in handy.

Think Pink
A friend from the past returns to help the Rangers through a tough situation.

Brains Over Brawn
Alex finds herself in a very odd predicament. She and a fellow Ranger aren't exactly getting along, and a very unlikely friend finds himself at the mercy of the Machine Empire.

Unda Da Sea
Alex, Adam, and Billy head off to Aquitar when news arrives that three of the Alien Rangers have disappeared.

Knight in Green Shining Armor
Adam goes on a quest through a mysterious world, trying to find a missing Alex.

Two Become One
Alex has returned from a haitus on Aquitar, but will things ever be the same for her?

Rough Starts
People often assume that it was love at first sight between Alexandra and Adam, but it wasn't. This is how the saga of the infamous Purple Ranger and our favorite frog began.

Fics written with Aya

The Virus Hunters
The Rangers begin to fall victim to a mysterious virus.

Chapter Three
Damiana and Alex's adventures with the Rangers isn't over yet.

The Fan is Mightier Than the Sword
Trini shows that it isn't your weapon but how you use it.