Fics by Adrienne Sekitou

Rangers to the Third Power

Do You Remember?
Chapters 7-12
Unfinished!!! Tommy is going on what amounts to a kamikaze mission in one week, and he can't let the rest of the team know. But will he be able to keep a brave face on?

After Space

Don't Move
Parting is such sweet sorrow... for Andros and Ashley.

Can he find the courage to say it?

And Still...
Love hurts.

Loving Arms
Life after death.

Alone Again Tonight
Reality bites.

Hold On To Me
Love's healing touch.

Worth All That's Lost
The sacrifices of friendship.

While You Sleep
Does she love him enough to forgive?

Let Me Be
Searching for acceptance.

End of an Era
Saying good-bye to a friend.


It Hurt So Much To Give Him Up
Kim had a very special reason to break up with Tommy... but it could have been the wrong choice.

You're Gone
Tommy remembers Kimberly and all they shared.

Far and Away
Cassie knows today will be the day.

Some Kind of Somethin'
Maya finds the unexpected on the MegaShip.

The Scene of the Crime
Ms. Fairweather obviously underestimated just what a man in love will do.

Forgotten, But Not Gone

What's She Doing Now
Turnabout is fairplay. Now it's Cassie's turn to disappear without a trace.

Startin' Today
Phantom's rebellion

Forgotten, But Not Gone
Leavin' it all behind

The Sound of Good-bye
Losin' what's left.

Where I Left My Soul
Lookin' for the lost.

Countdown to Her, (sequel to Forgotten, But Not Gone)

How Much It Costs
Now Phantom's search will truly begin.

Miles and Miles
Phantom makes a friend.

Only Stone

Orphaned Again
It should never happen to anyone twice...

The Scene of the Crime
Some reunions go better than others.

Upon the Night
Guilty nightmares and hopeless dreams.

Standalone Fics

The Elimination Round
also by the Oliverettes
The Oliverettes are plotting again. Uh oh...

Shoulder-Length or Longer
No, the Oliverettes are not in denial.

Save Our Ships
TargetBoy's biggest mistake ever... he crossed the Oliverettes!

If Walls Could Talk
Oh, the stories the MegaShip could tell...

If It Hadn't Been For You
"Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. And when he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?" -- Clarence, "It's A Wonderful Life"