369 Weigh-In: Focus on the Positives

Have you ever just found yourself in a good place and things are going awesome?

I love reading healthy living blogs. I often feel bad for the various writers I read, because many seem to go through various trials and tribulations. I understand, because (although I have never battled depression), I’ve still been in a place where it seemed like nothing was going right.

But now, I really do feel like everything is going right. In fact, everything is going GREAT.

If you are suffering for clinical depression, then this information I am about to share may not apply. I am not a therapist, psychiatrist, doctor, or anyone otherwise capable of diagnosing or treating depression. Please do not think I am in anyway making light of the suffering that depression can bring.

For everyone else, this may work. And if you have depression, I don’t think what I’m about to suggest would hurt. But see previous disclaimer.

Basically, I think we are all often our own worst enemy. It is SO easy to focus on the negative and ignore the positive.

I can look back at my weight in September of 2010 and see that I was in the 330s. It’s easy to look at that and curse the fact that I put on almost fifty pounds. Oh well. At least I am still alive to lose the weight.

It’s even easier to look back to 2006 and see me at 250ish pounds. Again, oh well. I am still moving; I am no diabetic; I am not dead. I can do it again, and I thank God for the opportunity to do so.

I want to focus on the positives only. Screw the negatives. I don’t need those in my life at all.

That’s why I am changing my weigh-in.

The weekly weigh-in has never felt exactly right to me. I might weigh one thing on Sunday and my weight temporarily jumps up on Monday and then decreases again on Tuesday. Well, if I record my weight on Monday, then it looks like I gained when I really didn’t.

Instead, I want to celebrate each pound lost. I’m using a free online program called Physics Diet. Basically, you enter your daily weight, and it calculates your average weight. For every pound I lose, I’ll post about it here.

Today’s post is 369. With willpower, effort, and positive thinking, I will do all that I can to keep from weighing 369 ever again.

The next time I post a weigh-in, whether it is in three days or seven, I’ll weigh 368. And then 367.

For every pound that I lose, I am going to post a celebratory post.

Goodbye 370. I won’t miss you. 368, watch out. I’m coming for you next.

Oh, and I may be posting daily this week. I have several video match-ups to share.

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  • http://www.hblewett.com/blog Hanlie

    I love the idea of celebrating every pound (or kg). Makes so much more sense.
    Hanlie recently posted..Bits and Pieces


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