366 Weigh-In: Keep On Keeping On

I am down to 366. My weight fluctuated a bit as a result of too much birthday celebration, but today, I dropped several pounds, which put my average squarely below 366. I am happy with this. Birthdays are for celebrating, but they are for celebrating for one day. Not for a month. At least with food.

I have nothing really profound to say, except to post this little graphic I just made. (I believe the image to be public domain, as I found it on a website of public domain photos, but if you are the owner and I am incorrect, please contact me immediately and I will rectify the situation.)

That’s all it is. Do it every day. Repeat forever.

I’m cool with that.

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  • http://theincredibleshrinkingfamily.blogspot.com/ Diane

    Congratulations ! Progress is progress. When you consider that many women doing a weight loss journey for more than 6 months will often lose only ounces per week, losing a pound becomes percentage wise like the guys on Biggest Loser ( it’s all a matter of perspective to classify how good a good thing is- or a bad thing after all)
    Diane recently posted..Rollin’ like a Sicilian


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