Weigh-in #002 – January 10, 2014

First of all, next week, I am moving to a Saturday weigh-in.  Tina and I have decided to have a Biggest Loser style competition and Saturday morning will be a bit easier than Friday morning (as we don’t go to work on Saturday mornings).

This week has been okay.  I started the year off doing Whole30, and I’m afraid I have fallen back on the grain and sugar wagon.  It’s hard; I’m not saying I’m giving up, but Whole30 has not worked for me just yet.  The sugar beast has its talons in me hard.

But… here we go:

  • Weigh-in #002
  • January 10, 2014
  • Weight: 405.8
  • Change from Last Week: –1.2 pounds
  • Change from Highest: –6.2 pounds

Not as good as it should have been, certainly, but still a loss.  Next week will be stronger.

Tina and I are going to put $10 in a pot.  The person with the highest percentage of weight loss each week gets that $10 to spend on whatever he or she would like.  For me…

Garbage Pail Kids!


More on GPKs later.  For now, yay, I did have a loss, and I plan to have a bigger loss next week.

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  • Erin

    Hey there, congrats on the loss! It feels so good to lose, even if it’s smaller than we anticipated or wanted. I decided a few days ago that although I love the ideas and concepts of paleo, it just doesn’t work for me and my lifestyle right now. It’s mainly because my priorities are elsewhere at this point in time. Still, I have been super tight on my portion control and I am losing. I will need to elevate my efforts to lose more significantly, but I have always been a “baby steps” kind of person. You are doing great, Jeremy!

    • http://www.stellarpath.net/ Jeremy Logsdon

      No, I get that! I want to do paleo, but… right now, I have a few reasons why I can’t. Financial is one (admittedly small), but a bigger is I am very much an all-or-nothing thinker. I’m still working on it, but if I think “I can’t have this,” then I want it more than ever. Just one of the many things I’m still working on. :) Yay for both of us losing weight!

  • Yum Yucky

    Garbage Pail Kids for the win!


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