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An Open Letter to Four Month Old Moon Pie

Dear Moon Pie,

Where is the time going?! You are four month old today! A third of a year has already gone since you’ve been here, and yet it both feels like you have been here forever and no time at all.

People tell me that you look just like me. Other people tell me you look just like Tina. To me, you just look like you. And you, dear sir, are adorable.


I’m sure all parents think their children are advanced, and your mom and I are no difference. One way that we suspect you are advanced is that you started the dreaded four month sleep regression a few weeks early. You’re definitely not sleeping through the night quite as well as you used to, and yet it’s kind of hard to be mad when you’re cooing and talking at us at 3 a.m.

You started rolling this month, even though you don’t really seem to enjoy doing it that month. You aren’t crawling just yet, but you sure can manage to scoot around in pretty much any position we put you in.

What else happened this month? You had your first Christmas! We took our first cheesy family Christmas card. This Christmas was fun, but I can only imagine how much fun next Christmas will be when you actually know what is going on.


This is also the month that we let you try “solid” food for the first time. Okay, it was pureed organic sweet potatoes mixed with a little breast milk, and yes, we were technically supposed to wait until you were four months old, but… c’mon, I think my parents fed me country ham when I was a month old.

You’ve inspired your mom and I to get healthier. Don’t get me wrong; we’ve had our slip ups, but there have been many times that thinking of you have helped us make better food choices or work out a little bit harder. It’s my hope that the only way you ever knew your dad was fat is by looking at old photos.

Is it possible that in just two months, you’ll be half a year old? Seriously, someone needs to make time slow down. It isn’t really supposed to go this fast, is it?

Moon Pie at Four months


For comparison, Moon Pie at Three months…


Two months…


And One month…


Growling (Seriously – it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard)
Sweet potatoes
Going bat crap crazy and crying (we hear this happens to a lot of babies in month 4 – feel free to advance right out of this stage, too)

Naps (How can my child dislike naps? You get that craziness from your mother.)
Being hungry (Your hunger tolerance lasts about three seconds. You get that from your dad.)

Mom & Dad

P.S. – We would have gotten a picture of you smiling, but see your likes – you were in a fussy mood and could not be consoled, so rather than keep taking pictures, we decided we’d just post a fussy baby pic so Mom could pick you up and love on you.
P.P.S. – You kept being fussy for a while longer.

Previous Updates
Three Months
Two Months
One Month

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First Weigh-In of 2013

Hmm… I need to kick it into a higher gear if I have any chance of winning Roni’s Diet Bet!

January 5, 2013
Weight: 376.2
Change from Last Week: -1.0
Change from Highest: -26.6 pounds


Still rocking the Green Ranger shirt. I have 6.2 pounds to go before I get a new dork shirt to wear to weigh-in, and I’ve already bought it from ShirtPunch.

So, I lost a pound. Down, admittedly, but not as much as I’d want.

I definitely need to up my exercise. That will help. I’ve now doing Jillian’s 30 Day Shred, and I feel confident that will help me lose a bit more. Tina is doing C25K, and even though I’m not comfortable hitting the pavement at my weight, I’m doing my own modified version in the house. (Rather than jog, I’m basically doing stairs for the jogging portion. It’s definitely getting my heart rate up, which is going to increase my leg strength and my cardio endurance for when I am light enough to be able to run.)

One thing I am doing differently this week is pre-tracking my food. Every night, I go to and enter what I suspect I’ll eat the next day. (I’m a little OCD about planning dinner, so that’s already decided. I just have to decide what I’ll have for lunch and dinner.) I purposefully leave some of my points unaccounted for, because I know I may not eat exactly what I’ve got planned. I’m obviously allowed to deviate. In fact, I did that today. I was supposed to eat oatmeal, but instead, I chose to eat a ham and cheese sandwich.

Right now, it is helping me because I know how much food I planned to eat, and if I’m eating off of my meals, I know how much of a cushion I have. That also helps me decide if I need to eat it or not.

Just last night, I thought I would have a green smoothie before bed. This is obviously a healthy food, and I even had the points for it. However, before I started pulling the ingredients out, I objectively assessed my hunger. I wasn’t hungry; I’d rather not use those points than just eat them because they were there.

I want a bigger loss next week. A pound is nice. Two is better.

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Worst rejection ever

I got a letter in the mail last week.

It was a small envelope, so I immediately knew what it was. I was hoping for a thick packet, but this was just a simple #10 business envelope. Without even opening it, I knew what it said.


It wasn’t a rejection letter from a writing submission. I get those all the time. I’m used to those. (In fact, the real rejection in writing comes from not receiving a rejection letter, but that is another story for another day.)

No, this was from SunLife Insurance.

I have never had any Life Insurance other than what my employer gives me automatically. I think it’s $25,000.

When my son was born, I knew I had to take out an insurance policy on myself. After all, if something happens to me, I want to make sure he is cared for. When annual open enrollment at my workplace came around, I signed up for $200,000 worth of life insurance. It was going to cost me $11 a month. Sounded like a good deal.

I thought that was the end of it. I expected it to be a simple process like signing up for medical insurance when you started a job. You just get it. The end.

And I thought that, until about two days before school let out for Christmas break. I got an email from HR that said I needed to fill out a form. Standard; everyone who takes out life insurance has to fill out such a form.

Still, I was not panicked.

Until I opened the form. It was extremely short.

Name. Social. Birthdate. Do I smoke or drink? Height. Weight.


Jeremy Logsdon.
Social entered.
April 19, 1978.
I never smoke, never have. I virtually never drink (maybe twice per year).
Six feet tall.
370 pounds.

I didn’t lie. I sure thought about shaving one hundred pounds off that number, but what if I had to actually take a medical exam? The form even stated that all information must be accurate and may be checked for veracity. So, I entered the information and hit submit.

I was hopeful. I hoped that it was just a formality. Enter your info and get life insurance! Take care of your family after you die!

But nope. Not for me. That thin letter said I could not take care of my family after I die. If I die, Tina and Moon Pie get nothing but burial expenses.

I was rejected.

No life insurance policy.

And truthfully, I understand why, and it scares me.

I am a death risk. The chances of me dying are far too high in the next year.

This is unacceptable.

I refuse to be a death risk any longer.

All year, I am going to hit my weight loss as hard as I can. I will count points. I will watch what I eat. I will limit unclean foods. I will move my body. I will put on muscle and lose fat.

I will not die.

Next November, I will sign up for life insurance again.

I will be approved this time.

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Season 13 & 14 of The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser often seems to be a bit of a point of contention in the Fitness Blogging world.

Some people hate it and decry everything about it. “So fake!” “Sell-outs!” “Hateful and mean-spirited!”

Some people love everything about it and even audition to be on the show. “Pick me!” “So motivational!”

I can’t help it. I love the show. I would NEVER want to be on the show. Ever. I wouldn’t be on the Biggest Loser with a guaranteed prize of $250,000. But it’s still motivational to me. Granted, I think a show where I could watch the morbidly obese workout and lose weight without the harsh gaming aspect would still be an interesting show, but regardless… it motivates me.

I have decided, with Season 14 starting on January 6th, that I am going to review every episode. Every Saturday, I’ll post a recap and review of the previous week’s show.

The Biggest Loser

But to start us off, I am going to give my thoughts on Season 13, also known as “The Season Where We All Hated Everyone and Wondered When Jillian Was Coming Back.”

First of all, I think this show needs a female trainer. We all know that Jillian is coming back in Season 14, which is part of the reason I am so excited about next season! But even before she came back, I had my own theory for how the show could increase some excitement and get a female trainer in the gym.

I thought they should bring back Tara Costa as a trainer. Tara is arguably one of the more famous female contestants from the show, and if you follow her on facebook, you know she is still quite fit and very active. I suspected that they would have to bring in a female trainer at some point to balance Bob and Dolvett, and I really thought Tara would be a great trainer.


Instead, I imagine the producers went to Jillian Michael’s house with a dump truck full of money and said, “Tell us when to stop shoveling.”

So Jillian is back. That will help. I like Bob and Dolvett (even though I think Bob has WAY too many tattoos now, but that’s just a personal preference), but Jillian is going to make Season 14 huge.

Let’s talk about these contestants.

Ugh. There were a handful I liked, and they were promptly eliminated. The only contestant I liked at the end of the season was Kim, and even then, I think I only liked her in comparison to who was left.


Conda was just… despicable. I have no idea what she is like in person, but in the edited version of the game’s show, she was a villain. I’d rank her as one of the worst villains the show has ever seen.


And yet… she’s by far my least favorite contestants. That honor goes to Buddy and Mark.


I liked them until the episode where all the contestants threatened to walkout. I don’t even know what ridiculousness that was about. If you didn’t follow last season, then you should know that the final five contestants got wind of a twist where one of the eliminated contestants could come back.

You know, that twist that happens virtually EVERY SEASON. And yet, these five divas decided they were going to quit because it wasn’t fair.

Seriously. That’s it. There’s nothing more involved than that. They didn’t think it was fair.

You are on a freaking weight loss game show. Kim, Conda, and Jeremy were slightly redeemed in my view when they decided to stick it out. Buddy and Mark felt the twist was so unfair that they just couldn’t handle it, and they walked off.

Stupid. Idiotic. Moronic. Any adjective describing stupidity will fit here quite nicely.

What especially amazes me about Buddy’s decision is that he quit, and he has already lost the first three months of his child’s life. Aside from the fact that I can’t fathom someone leaving their pregnant wife to go on a GAME SHOW and staying there while she has the baby and the baby starts growing up, you then go ahead and quit at the very end?

Asinine. That’s another good adjective.

Season 13 was, by far, my least favorite season of the entire series. I haven’t heard anyone really rave about it, and I suspect that’s why Season 13 was the only season we had in 2012. Having such unlikable, malicious contestants almost killed the show. I really hope Jillian brings a renewed energy to the campus.

But while I’m ranting, let me share one more huge thing that bugs me about the Biggest Loser?

I HATE IT when the contestants cry about how they could never have lost weight without being on The Biggest Loser?

Uhm, you do realize that MOST Americans won’t get to be on the Biggest Loser, right? You are in an anomalous position, so take advantage of it, but don’t say that it can’t be done without being on a game show. Thousands of people successfully lose weight without being on national television.

Reading back over this, this was less a review of Season 13 and more of a rant, but it was just such an awful season… I used to love this show, and Season 13 felt like a chore at most times.

Let’s hope Season 14 is better. And with Jillian around, it pretty much has to be.


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Window Seat: San Diego Babymoon, Day Four, 05.15.12

One quick thing I want to say about picture posts – despite the fact that it looks like I have TONS of photos (and I do), I really do try to not be one of those people who live on their cameras. I’m very much a fan of “live your life, don’t document it.” At the same time, you should see how many photos I took that aren’t worth keeping. I snap quickly, put the camera away, and move on. This results in some awesome photos and some duds. Basically, know that I don’t live behind the lens, but I do like to take lots of photos and journal because it keeps the memories more alive for me.

This post (along with all of the other San Diego posts that will follow) were actually written while in San Diego. I hope you enjoy this recap of our babymoon! Be warned – this is very photo heavy.


We slept in a little later this morning than usual, but we were still down at breakfast by 8 a.m. Breakfast is the same thing everyday; I’m very thankful they have fresh fruit, so I’m at least getting some nutrients there.

We went to Sea World, which opened at 10 a.m. Oy vey, the day started off rough. We got in a VERY short line (maybe 12 people in front of us, max) to exchange our vouchers for tickets. We didn’t get our tickets until forty-five minutes later. Every single person in line was taking about ten to fifteen minutes with their transaction. Ours was over in less than two minutes. I do NOT understand why the line took so long. Regardless, by about 10:50, we were headed into the park.

The rest of the day was awesome. We went to the Shamu Show at noon, which was truly incredible.





















We grabbed a quick bite of lunch, and on our way to lunch, we saw some other people having a dolphin expedition.




We also enjoyed the various aquariums around the park.




After the Shamu show, we checked out a few various exhibits and went to an amazing acrobatics, dolphin, bird, and whale show called Blue Horizons.








































Leaving the show, we saw this lady with this awesome backpack.


All day long, Tina and I have talked about a half-serious-but-not-really-but-yeah-kinda-really desire to move to San Diego and get a job training marine animals at Sea World. Tina is a biologist; I’ve got a degree in psychology. We could make it happen.

We signed up for a Behind the Scenes tour at 3:45. The coolest thing ever happened. We were on the tour alone! Just the two of us, so we literally got a private tour of some behind-the-scenes magic at Sea World.

We got to feed romaine lettuce to some sea turtles, but the coolest part was getting to see some of the animals that, for various reasons (usually rehabilitation), were not out in the main park. We saw the hospital and the water treatment facilities; it was amazing.














By this point in the day, our feet were toast. Tina wore sandals, and she’s pregnant, so her feet were super tired. Still, we trudged over to the penguin habitat, because we’re both fans.






And finally, after five o’clock and completely wiped, we drove back to the hotel, showered, and are prepared to just sit back, relax, and watch Glee. Don’t judge.

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