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An Open Letter to Three Month Old Moon Pie

Dear Moon Pie,

You are three months old today! A quarter of a year! And most amazingly, you are becoming a little boy.

A month ago, you still felt like a newborn. Today, you are a baby with a personality and a smile that absolutely melts Daddy’s heart. You seem so much bigger! I don’t know where my little baby went, but I still love living with handsome little guy.

You changed homes during this month! We moved out of the house where we brought your home and started our family, and we’ve made this house our new home.

We had our first official family photos taken. (You were adorable.)

This is also the month where you got your first cold and stomach bug. The stomach bug is over, thankfully, but you’ve been sneezing and coughing for a week now. You’re being pretty good about it, but it sure makes Mom and Dad sad to see you wake yourself up coughing.

This is also the month where you got your first round of vaccines. You didn’t like them, but I think you took it better than we (especially Mom) did.

We have Christmas in a few days. Remember how we said we weren’t going to buy many gifts for you because you would just be three months old and not really know what was going on anyway?

Yeah, we didn’t stick to that at all. I’m sure each Christmas will be bigger than the last.

Moon Pie at Three Months

For comparison, Moon Pie at Two Months…

And One Month…


Flying like Superman
Christmas trees
Sitting in the Bumbo (at least for a while)
Being nakey


Being hot
Not being near Mom

Mom & Dad

Previous Updates – Two Months
One Month

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Apocalypse and Moving

December 21, 2012

Worst… apocalypse… ever…

Let’s move on to other info.

So, it’s been almost a month since I posted. The last thing I talked about was Moon Pie’s Two Month Update. His Three Month Update is tomorrow.

Where the heck have I been?

I’ve been doing four things.

1. Recovering from a fairly nasty stomach virus.
2. Recovering from a fairly mild head cold. (My wife also has it, but apparently, mine must be worse because men are huge whiners.)
3. Horribly falling off of the Weight Watchers “diet.”
4. Moving into a new house.

On November 29th, my wife and I closed on our new home. We are in the process of getting our old house ready to be sold, and we’ve moved ALMOST everything we own into this new house. Obviously, we are not done.

I am a pre-Thanksgiving Christmas decorator. That’s just what I do. The weekend before Thanksgiving, the tree goes up.

Except this year. We finished putting decorations on it yesterday. So basically, from my perspective, the Christmas season just started.

The part of this list I am most upset with myself about is #3.

In the midst of moving, I have completely let my healthy eating and activity plan go off track.

I haven’t REALLY exercised (beyond moving furniture) since November. We ate a LOT of fast food. I haven’t stepped foot on a scale, but I know I’ve gained.

I’m expecting upwards of twenty pounds gain, honestly. At least.

Unacceptable, but it happened, and I’m not beating myself up over it any more than I already have. It’s just time to get back on the bandwagon.

Old Jeremy would have waited until January 1st. Not this Jeremy. He’s going back to Weight Watchers tomorrow.

It is what it is. I’m SORELY tempted to hit it hard, stay in hiding, and come back out in January with a new set of resolutions and alleged transparency. But that’s not who I am anymore. This blog is supposed to show me, warts and all, and hiding won’t do it.

I weighed in the 360s last time I was at Weight Watchers. Tomorrow, when I go into my meeting, I’ll get my new WW360 weigh-in booklet, I suspect I’ll weigh in in the 380s, and I’ll post a picture on this blog. Every week, I’ll post my WW results.

I am capable of doing so much more than I am doing. No more platitudes. Just time.

And no more moving, either. Moving really does suck.

New houses are cool, though.

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