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Week #1 Weigh-In

Tina and I both still have our birth stories to write about Moon Pie’s entry into our family. Those will be coming soon, but for today, I wanted to share my weight.

I am presenting my weight without judgment. In the weeks leading up to his birth and the two weeks AFTER his birth, my eating and exercise plans went straight out the window. Some aspects of his birth were a bit stressful, and I found myself eating for comfort on a few occasions. And after he was born and I found myself sleep deprived, I ended up eating a bit more than I might have otherwise.

So it’s not pretty. The weight is up. But it is what it is, and I’ve got this handsome little face to encourage me to keep losing weight. After all, I have to make sure I’m around long enough to take care of him.

Week #1
Date: October 6, 2012
Weight: 368.2
Change from Highest: -34.6 pounds

Weight is definitely up. A bunch. As in twentyish pounds over the last two months.

I often feel like a weight loss blogger failure, because my weight is all over the place. And yet, even though I have dabbled in it, I can’t make the shift away to just a fitness blogger, because I HAVE to lose weight, not just increase my fitness. I’m rebranding my weight loss to Week #1.

I have to get this ship going in the right direction.

I’m working on it, from a mental health standpoint.

Have I ever shared here that I used to work in mental health? I’ve got a degree in Psychology, more professional development trainings in counseling and mental health than I can count, and yet… when it comes to losing weight myself… I’m often a bit of a train wreck. Well, no longer. I am going to use the strategies that I have used with my clients in the past on myself.

I can do this.

I will do this.

I have to do this, because it’s not just about me anymore.

I have a family I have to protect.

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Moon Pie is here!

I really do hope to return to blogging. Tina and I both do.

But we’ve had a good reason for slipping away from it lately.

His name is Henry Jackson Logsdon, and he was born at 3:37 a.m. on September 22nd. This is probably the only time I’ll share his name on the blog, just because I don’t want him to google himself someday and discover that his parents blogged his every waking moment WITH his real name. So it’ll still be Moon Pie from here on out.

This was the first picture ever taken of our little man.

I always thought that newborn parents exaggerated how little sleep they got. Now, I realize that they were actually downplaying how little sleep they got.

We’re tired.

But we’re also very much in love with this little man, and every minute of lost sleep is so incredibly worth it.

I’m going back to Weight Watchers this Saturday. I am not going to lie. My weight is WAY up. We were in the hospital for about two days longer than we had planned (little guy had jaundice, so he was under the bili lights for a few days, and we had some other non-serious complications that just kept us there a bit). Still, my weight can go back down, and starting this Saturday, I’m reclaiming my healthy lifestyle.

Due to sleep exhaustion, I’m really not sure how long it will be before I’m able to give exercise the attention it deserves, because for now, baby Henry is occupying a lot of my time.

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