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No Baby Yet…

Dear Moon Pie, (a.k.a. The Post Where There’s No Baby Yet),

Your due date is September 12th (or 14th, depending upon whether we go by the calendar or your ultrasound). Today is September 9th. If you decide to be born today, that would make your birthday 9.9.12, which is a pretty awesome looking birthday. And it’s okay that it’s a little early. Your mother was born right on time, as was her brother, so showing up early is totally okay with us.

We’ve already taken our Final Date Night as Just the Two of Us. Twice. It might happen a few more times. We’re ready to make it official. Turn us from a duo into a trio. Anytime. We’re ready.

We’ve got your nursery completely set up. I’m sure you’ve heard us talking about it, so you already know that it’s in a robot theme. Your dad isn’t exactly an artist, but apparently, he’s pretty good at Photoshop, and I’ve made you some robot pictures of my favorite robots, Bender from Futurama, Crow and Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000, and R2D2 from Star Wars. They look pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.


Your talented mother put up this awesome wall mural with your name and robot gears in it.


Your grandma bought you this crib. Your other grandma made you the blue and pink blanket, and your mother made you that really brightly colored robot blanket.


Heck, even your non-artistic/non-crafty dad is trying to make you a hat. (Don’t give me a hard time about playing with yarn, or you are already grounded, Mister.)


We went to Build-a-Bear, despite the fact that I said I would never do anything anywhere NEAR that lame, and we made you a dog, Charlie. And if you squeeze his left paw, you’ll get to hear what your heartbeat sounded like at a prenatal visit a few weeks ago. (And I fully intend to go back and buy you the Martial Artist bear this week, because we’re going to go take TaeKwonDo as soon as you’ve developed some neck strength, fine and gross motor control, and turn three or four.)


Heck, even Malcolm, officially the baby of the family, is ready to give up his title as Baby and wants to welcome you to the Logsdon Home.


Oh, and even though you have your very own room you can go chill out in when you want a break from Mom and Dad, we’ve got your co-sleeper ready to go in our bedroom. You know, so you can keep us company in there for the first few months, too.


I just wanted to write this letter to let you know that we are ready for you to come, so… if you’re hanging out because you think we’re not ready, well… we are. Any time. Mom will be induced if you aren’t here by September 25th (or 27th, depending upon which date our midwives use), so if you could show up before then, that would be awesome.

Seriously, though. We’re not doing anything this afternoon, so if you want to show up… that’s cool. But whatever. We know you’ll come on your own terms and when you are ready.

We just wanted to make sure you knew that we were ready, too, and we can’t wait to meet you.


P.S. – We’ll tell everyone your real name when you’re born. You won’t be Moon Pie forever, we promise.

P.P.S. – We’ve also got the Moon Pies ready to hand out instead of cigars when you are born. Just an FYI.


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Husband and Wife Blogging Team

Looking back at last year’s summer, I found that I blogged through the spring, took a significant break over the summer, and resumed blogging in the fall.

I’ve heard many Expert Bloggers say that you should have a brand. If you want your blog to be big, you need a niche.


I have no delusions that my blog will ever be big. I don’t blog consistently enough. I’m completely okay with just occupying my tiny corner of the internet and spewing forth my ramblings.

Last week as we were driving to Tina’s midwife appointment (baby could come literally at any day now), I made the comment that I wished I blogged more. Tina made the same comment, as she has a blog that is even more neglected than mine.

And with that, we had our great idea.

We’re going to blog together. I’m sure there are other husband/wife blogger teams out there, and we are joining their ranks.

So, do we have a niche? Do we have a brand?

Nah, not really.

So, if you don’t know my wife and didn’t know she had a blog, then know that she is into fitness (and is also in training to become a personal trainer, post-baby), healthy eating, splurge-y eating, photography, and crafts. Oh Lord, is she ever into crafts.

I continue to be into geeky things.

And we’re both interested in documenting just the various things about our lives. I’m sure you’ll probably see more posts about our baby than anyone but us will be interested in.

I’m going to slowly merge some of her posts here. Since I had a slightly larger readership than she did, we’re going to keep Stellar Path as our blog name and address.

Once she’s had the baby and is ready to lose the baby weight, we’re going to weigh in together, too. My weight is still dropping; I lost twenty(ish) pounds this summer, and I am thrilled! I’m not going to post my weight again until we’re blogging together, and our first weigh-in together will probably be late October or early November.

I hope you’ll stick with us. Stellar Path is primarily going to be focused on our lives, as we try to become as healthy a family together as we can.

This is Tina, 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant…

And a similar silhouette picture of me, unpregnant but shrinking (so it’s good to have a baseline photo)… And dang, I look bald in side profile.

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