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Geeked Out Weight Loss Review: MMPR: Green with Evil, Part Two

For this week’s Geeked Out Weight Loss Review, we are going to continue the Green with Evil saga from Mighty Morphin power Rangers with Part 2!


As the episode begins, Billy and Trini are desperately trying to get Alpha back in working order. Fortunately, they succeed, and while Zordon is still missing, the Rangers at least have their faithful automaton back in service.

Rita plans to give Tommy the Sword of Darkness, a powerful artifact that will keep Tommy evil. Goldar reminds her that the sword has an inherent weakness, but only Zordon knows of it, and he is still missing.

Kimberly tries to talk to Tommy in school. She still doesn’t know he is the Green Ranger; she is only trying to determine why he stood her up the day before. Instead of the polite boy she had met the day before, she is greeted with hostility.

Rita wants Tommy to prove to her that he is worthy of the Sword of Darkness, so she has him battle a troop of her putties. If he successfully defeats the putties, he gets the Sword. In a matter of moments, the putties are lying defeated on the ground, and Tommy is given the powerful weapon.

Tommy then uses his increased power from the sword to trap Jason in a Dark Dimension with Goldar. Jason, unable to morph as Goldar has stolen his morpher, is faced with his greatest threat, as Goldar is quite formidable even when Jason is the Red Ranger.

The Green Ranger shows up, and the four Rangers, unable to find Jason, quickly go into battle. After summoning the MegaZord, they successfully, albeit temporarily, defeat the Green Ranger.

As the episode ends, the Rangers are still without Zordon, and Jason, who has attempted to fight Goldar for his power morpher, has been beaten down. Goldar stands poised above him with his sword, ready to deliver the fatal blow.

Weight Loss Takeaway

Rita Repulsa wanted Tommy to have the Sword of Darkness, as it was going to keep Tommy evil.

Basically, it was her shortcut. Tommy wasn’t inherently evil; he was actually a good person who was under an evil spell. But with the sword, he would stay evil.

How often have I tried to take shortcuts in my weight loss?

Have I ever told you that I once tried to become bulimic? I wasn’t able to make myself throw up on demand (thank goodness), but I genuinely tried.

I tried Atkins. I’ve tried every gimmick diet out there. I’ve tried exercising for hours on end. I’ve tried drastically cutting my calories to unsustainable levels.

Shortcuts don’t work.

Doing things the right way, the slow way, is what works.

No more Sword of Darkness for me. Just slow and steady effort that is sustainable for the rest of my life.

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A Measure Yourself Weigh-In

Have you ever had a week where you just felt like you hadn’t really that well? I did. I tracked all my food, I measured all of my portions, but I just did not feel like I had lost weight. I just didn’t feel it.

On Saturday morning, before my weigh-in, I got out my tape measure and I measured myself.

I measured my chest, waist, thigh, bicep, calf, and neck. Except for my neck, I lost something on every body part.

In just one week.

So even if I gained, I went to my meeting happy, because I could care less what the scale says. It’s about having a smaller body and being healthier.

June 14, 2012
Weight: 356.0
Change from Last Week: -0.6 pounds
Change from Highest: -46.8 pounds

Woo hoo! I actually DID lose some weight, and I lost inches, and I’m very close to getting below 50 pounds lost.

All around, I am thrilled.

So, the moral of this week? Measure yourself. Because there will be weeks where the scale doesn’t move but the inches do and vice versa, and it’s nice to have an extra layer of weight loss measurement.

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Stellar Review: Lost River Pizza Company

This post feels more like a restaurant meal in photos post, and it really is (although VERY photo-light), but I haven’t cooked anything that I felt was worth documenting in photos this week.

Saturday night, Tina and I were invited to go to Lost River Pizza here in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as one of her best friend’s fiancée was performing live that night.

Lost River Pizza is a small pizza place that has live music a few nights a week.

Saturdays are my weigh-in day, so I had plenty of points for the week, but I wanted to eat sensibly but enjoy myself. So, rather than order the super thick deep dish cheeseburger with bacon pizza, we decided to share a thin-crust Margherita pizza.

And the verdict?

*drool sounds*

Oh, it was so good. I don’t know what cheese or spice blend they use, but it was amazingly good. And honestly – I think I like their thin crust more than their deep dish.

I realize that the only people who read my blog in Bowling Green are probably people who I already know, but if you are a Bowling Green person who I don’t know (or are in the area), check out Lost River Pizza. Amazingly, unbelievably good.

I’ll be reviewing them again. Their food is just too tasty not to enjoy more than once.

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My Thoughts on Motivation

I think motivation is a great thing. It can keep us on program, it can keep us exercising, and it can keep us making the right food choices.

It can also suddenly disappear.

Many things in my life motivate me. The mental image of me at goal weight is motivation. The hope of a long and happy life with my wife is motivation. Being a healthy dad for my son is motivation.

But ultimately, none of these things will lose weight for me.

So in a way, I’m against motivation.

Motivation is literally just the desire to do things. That’s all it is.

There have been so many times in the past when I’ve said, “If I could just stay motivated, I could lose this weight!”

That was basically my politer way of saying, “I don’t have self-worth and I want something external to make me better.”

I will continue to seek out motivation, but now, I view it a little differently.

I view motivation as a paint brush. Alone, that paint brush can’t do anything. But in the right hand with the right paints and the right canvas, that paint brush can create a work of art.

So rather than focus on just motivation, I want to focus on the bigger picture. I’m not going to just focus on the paintbrush, because anyone can go buy a paint brush. I’m going to focus on what that paintbrush can ultimately produce. And motivation is going to be a lot less significant if I don’t have all the right tools.

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Horror Movie Review: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

If you’ve been with me here at Stellar Path very long at all, you know that I am a huge fan of horror movies, but my absolutely favorite horror movie of all time is the 1984 classic A Nightmare on Elm Street.

This film isn’t just my favorite horror movie. It’s my favorite movie. Period.

Today, I’m looking at the weight loss takeaway present on Elm Street.


Nancy and her friends have something in common. They are all being visited in their dreams by the same man, a horribly burned man in an ugly red and green sweater who wields a glove with razor sharp blades on each finger. A man named Freddy Krueger.

They truly believe it is just an odd, albeit unsettling, occurrence until Tina is murdered in her sleep. Everyone blames her boyfriend Rod, as he was the only one in the room at the time of her murder.

Rod ends up dead, hanged, in his jail cell, and Nancy knows it is up to her and her boyfriend, Glen (a.k.a. Johnny Depp in his first film role), to stop Krueger.

However, Glen quickly meets his demise at Krueger’s hands, and now Nancy, all alone, must summon an inner strength and resolve she never knew she had to save her life and face down her tormentor, Freddy.

The Weight Loss Takeaway

First of all, let me say that this short, four-paragraph plot summary does not do this film justice. Yes, Freddy got pretty comical by the end of the series, but here, in the first, he is dark.

Nancy is my favorite heroine (heck, hero, too, for that matter) of any movie in any genre. She starts off the film as just an ordinary girl in a small town with a group of friends. By the end, she has turned into a fighter, and she gives all she’s got to go up against Krueger, despite knowing that the odds are horribly against her.

I’m not going to spoil the film for you if you haven’t seen it (and honestly – if you like horror, you’ve seen it. If you don’t like horror, you probably never will). However, I will say this – the ending of the movie as released is NOT the ending that Wes Craven (the director) wanted. He wanted a single film, not the start of a movie series. So rather than the ending that Craven desired, he was forced by the studio to use an ending that left the door open for a sequel and left the fate of our heroine undetermined until the 3rd entry in the series.

But that is neither here nor there.

What is my weight loss takeaway?

Don’t quit. No matter what.

Nancy had numerous obstacles put in her path.

Her mother put bars on the window to allegedly keep her safe. Nancy still wasn’t safe. Freddy wasn’t going to break into her house to kill her; Freddy was going to kill her from inside her dreams.

Freddy killed all of her friends and her boyfriend. Nancy’s allies reduced to zero.

Nancy’s father thought she was insane. She wasn’t.

Her mother’s alcoholism increased over the course of the movie. Not only did Nancy have to keep herself alive, she even had to take care of her mother.

I’m going to speak solely about myself here. If you find yourself in these stories, well… you and I have a lot in common.

How often have I messed up my “diet” on Saturday and just decided to wait until Monday to start over?

How many Octobers have started and I’ve decided that I’ll just wait until January 1st to start fresh?

How many workouts have I skipped, planning to do two the next day?

How many Chinese buffets have I visited, promising that I’ll count all of my calories tomorrow?

How many days have I eaten on plan until dinner, and then decided to reward myself with way too much food?

Nancy keeps going, no matter what is put in front of her. She never quits. When the bars were put on her window, she broke the glass out and yelled for the policemen across the street at her boyfriend’s murder scene to come help her.

When her allies reduced to zero, she booby-trapped the house, said a prayer, and went out to find and defeat Freddy on her own.

When her father thought she was insane, she resolved to prove him wrong.

When her mother drank herself into a stupor, Nancy tucked her into bed before going off to fight Freddy in the dream world.

Nancy doesn’t quit. Ever.

I need to be more like Nancy.

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