Stellar Recipe: Grilled Corn

Once I discovered this method for making corn on the cob, I don’t like to make it any other way. I cooked these on my grill, but they can be cooked just as easily in the oven.

You’ll need ears of corn, butter, smoked paprika, and salt. Regular paprika won’t give it the same flavor; get smoked if you can.

Peel the husks back from the corn, but don’t pull them off. Remove the silks from the corn.

Take about a teaspoon of butter. Okay, this is the most awkward step. Take the butter and smear it all over the exposed kernels. It isn’t difficult, but I would recommend you do this step alone, or at the very least, without Tina in the kitchen, or you’ll hear comments like these: “Did you take that corn out before you started doing that to it?” “Are you trying to relax the corn before you grill it?” And my personal favorite, “I’ve never seen corn get a happy ending before.” *sigh*

After you have buttered the corn, sprinkle liberally with salt and smoked paprika.

Now, fold the husks back over the corn. It doesn’t have to cover it perfectly. (Note: if you are cooking indoors in the oven, I’d go ahead and pull the husks off and just wrap it in aluminum foil, or you’ll get a smoke-filled kitchen.)

Place on the grill. My grill has a rack that sits above the actual grill, and I find that works better. Come back in twenty minutes.

That’s it. Pull the husks off (be careful, it’ll be hot) and serve! We ate ours with steak and baked potatoes from the local farmer’s market. Absolutely amazing! Happy eating!

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  • Hanlie

    I’ve been unable to find smoked paprika over here – I may have to check the gourmet stores. That sounds delicious and yes, I can just picture the buttering of the corn!
    Hanlie recently posted..A New Skill

  • Crystal

    Recipe for BBQ cream corn:

    16 oz kernel corn
    8oz cream cheese
    1/2 cup milk
    1/2 cup milk
    1 tbpn sugar
    Salt and Pepper to taste

    Combine in slower cooker:
    Cook 4-6 on low heat


    Cook at higher heat for 2-4 hours
    Crystal recently posted..Hot Tub Spa Chemicals

  • Boby Miller

    Pictures are amazing and the recipe looks delicious. Craystal, yours looks awesome and should be check soon…(:
    Thanks !
    Boby Miller recently posted..What Do These 8 Technical Indicators Mean for the Markets?


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