Weekend Warriors are Back!

I had a bad weekend.

Wait, let me clarify. I had a fine weekend, as far as just being alive goes. Still here, so win there!

Bad weekend as far as the diet goes.

And I’m finding it happens pretty much every weekened.

Basically, this is how my diet is progressing at the moment. I do well Monday thru Friday, and according to Physics Diet, my weight is more or less dropping. And then Saturday and Sunday show up, and I find myself just… not doing anything right.

I view the weekends as a vacation from healthy eating and living. This is especially stupid for me as NO foods are off limits and I can have whatever I want if I count my calories. As for exercise, I freaking LIKE to exercise. Why don’t I?!

Because I like playing around more.

But this stops.

About two-ish years ago, Brandon from I Run Alaska hosted a weekend challenge once a month called Weekend Warriors. Basically, he noticed that he was doing the same thing I described above, sabotaging himself, and he was tired of it. Hence, Weekend Warriors was born, and we were all invited to participate. It happened about once a month, and I think all of us who participated did well on those weekends.

I want to reclaim my weekends for health.

I emailed (actually, I direct messaged on Twitter) Brandon and asked for permission to resurrect his idea. He gave me permission, so here we are.

Weekend Warriors is back!

I am quite aware that my blog is one of the smaller fish in the healthy blog ocean (I think I may even be plankton), so this may be a tiny group. Heck, it may just be me.

But I encourage anyone who wants to do better on their weekends to take part.

There are no rules. You set your own rules. You decide what you want to do to make your weekend a success, and you do it. It’d be awesome if you’d write a post about it, but that’s obviously up to you. I will do a link party here on Stellar Path.

I’ll write the official Weekend Warriors Post on Thursday.

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  • http://www.hblewett.com/blog Hanlie

    What a great idea! I might just take you up on that invitation in the near future.
    Hanlie recently posted..Moving towards something compelling

  • Erin

    Yessssssssssssss! I’m in.


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