My Reason #1 (a.k.a. Sweat and Zombies)

I haven’t seen many people do this, and I don’t know why. I know some do, and I’d have a hunch that those who do are more successful than those who do not.

Writing down our goals is huge. I teach literacy, and one of the things I teach my freshmen is this. If you write something down AND visualize it simultaneously, it triggers an action in your brain that releases dopamine. It is part of the reason I encourage my freshmen to rewrite their notes while actively recalling everything they can about the lecture they took those notes in. Those students, without fail, do better academically than students who do not. (For those of you still in school, there’s a free tip for you.)

Dopamine does a lot of things for us. Virtually every type of reward that we humans engage in (food, sex, listening to music, watching movies, whatever) results in increased dopamine transmission. In addition, (and this is what I am going for), dopamine increases motivation. So, writing plus visualizing equals dopamine which equals increased motivation.

I am going to start a running list of the reasons why I want to lose weight on this blog. Now, I don’t know if typing is the same thing as writing out in longhand (my hunch would be yes), but I’m going to start a hand-written list somewhere else. I encourage you to do the same. (And I’ve love to read blog posts. If nothing else, feel free to share your reasons in my comments below!)

So, what is the first reason for why I want to lose weight?

I sweat too much.

It may be genetic; I may be a sweaty thin guy someday. But the fact remains, my obesity definitely plays a role in it.

I sweat in the winter. I love the winter, because I do, admittedly, sweat less. Others will ask me, “Where is your coat?!” My answer – in the car, and it’s only there in case the zombie apocalypse occurs before I get home from work and I have to camp out somewhere cold for the night. I’m fine being cold. I relish it.

I sweat in the spring and fall. I sweat to the point of dehydration and heat exhaustion (seriously – it’s happened to me six different times) in the summer.

Sweating is disgusting. The only time I’m okay with sweat is if I’m working out; sadly, that isn’t the only time I sweat. Sweat makes me stink, it makes me oily, and it makes me look unkempt and sloppy.

I sweat walking to the building where I work from the parking lot, and the two are separated by only maybe a hundred feet.

This spring, which despite being early April already feels like late May, has been rough on my sweatiness. I know I sweat more than my colleagues. I sweat more than Tina.

I probably sweat more than you, unless your name is Sweaty McSweaterson, and even then, I’ve still probably got you beat because a name like that is just flash with no substance. Show off.

I want to lose weight so I will sweat less. It may not be as powerful sounding as “I want to lose weight to live longer” (which is true). But I want to sweat less. I don’t want to look disgusting. I don’t want to smell bad at the end of a long day. Heck, I don’t want to smell bad at the end of a short morning.

I look forward to the day when I can say, “I’m wearing my winter coat. The only thing I have in my car for the upcoming zombie apocalypse is my Gator Machete Pro.”

(So you don’t have to google it later. Available wherever fine Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tools are sold.)

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  • Hanlie

    Oh I can so relate! I hate that I’m a sweaty mess by the time I’m dressed after a shower. I sweat my pillow sopping wet at night. My mother always had a sweating problem, but mine is not due to anxiety like hers, it’s purely related to my weight. This is another reason why I enjoy working out in the pool – it’s cooler. My husband always complain about the climate control in my car, which he claims is set on “Arctic Blast”.

    It’s an excellent reason to want to lose weight. Because of the sweating, I never feel “clean”.
    Hanlie recently posted..Gently moving forward


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