35 Goals Before I Turn 35

I discovered that fellow blogger Emily at Fit and Free Emily and I share a birthday, April 19th. She is doing 28 goals for her 28th year of life. I am totally ripping her off and doing my own list of goals to accomplish before I turn 35. I’ll document these as I cross them off the list over the next year!

Some are serious, some are fun, some are dorky, and others are odd, but they are all things that I either already planned to do this year or have now decided to do.

And because I love photos (but didn’t want to go into overkill and do one for all 35), only random entries have photos attached.

1. Compile a complete DVD collection of all MST3K episodes.

2. Get all of my Garbage Pail Kids in collector condition (i.e. – in binders with acid-free storage sleeves).

3. Clean out our office, including LOTS of purging and donation to Goodwill.

4. Complete the Maher Ventriloquism Course that I ordered in 1990.

5. Whittle DVD collection down to just DVDs that I want.

6. Complete my workout video bracket.

7. Complete a full round of a 90-day workout series (a la P90X, Body Revolution, Rev Abs, etc.)

8. Go for a hike in Joshua Tree National Park.

9. Swim in the Pacific Ocean.

10. Get weight down below 300 pounds.

11. Submit my short story “The Shifter” to six different paying markets. (Publication would be awesome, but it is not required. I just need to get my stories out there again.)

12. Finish writing a textbook with my colleague.

13. Start a container garden.

14. Do the Color Run (but we’ll walk it) in Nashville in October.

15. Have an official date night (complete with baby at my parent’s for the evening) for the Fur Ball in January 2013.

16. Finish at least one young adult novel. (I’m a better starter than a finisher. I’ve got three in mid-progress.) (Oh, and I obviously mean writing, not reading.)

17. Go thirty days straight without stopping exercise. (Well… not non-stop, like a streak… you know what I mean.)

18. Do the Great WKU Stair Challenge (invented by me, where you walk up the stairs of every openly accessible building (so no dorms) on WKU’s campus in one stretch).

19. Repeat the Great WKU Stair Challenge six months later and significantly beat original time.

20. Write five letters to people who have been important to me in some way.

21. Complete 365 Project with the camera on my phone.

22. Read 35 books that will, in some way, help my life. (Pleasure reading is awesome, too, but these need to be books that will improve my or my family’s life somehow.)

23. Paint a fitness-related watercolor series and submit it to my local library for inclusion in their rotating artist gallery.

24. After Moon Pie is born, join our church.

25. Create and self-publish a children’s book for my son.

26. Bake the 13 Breads of Panem. (Hunger Games, totally dorky, and I’m by no means the first blogger to want to do this, but it sounds like so much fun! Especially the green fish bread from District 4.)

27. Paint my own Foamposite Galaxy shoes. No kidding.

28. Have the dorkiest family-themed Halloween ever, complete with Halloween party for our friends.

29. Read the entire Bible. (Again. I did this when I was much younger, and I feel a calling to do it again.)

30. Do at least one thing (other than becoming a father) that truly scares me, pushes me outside of my comfort zone, and ultimately makes me experience something new.

31. Empty out our hoarders-esque garage so that we can actually begin parking in it.

32. Stain the back deck.

33. Remove the gravel and weeds from Tina’s flower garden and lay down rubber mulch.

34. Write letters to my son to read later in his life.

35. Document everything I can about my son’s birth and first year of life, so he’ll have it when he is older and has children of his own someday.

So, those are my goals! Wish me luck as I try to cross them off!

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