My Huge News

I have some pretty big news to share.

Tina and I made a movie trailer! It’s horror themed, but I really don’t think it’s that scary. It’s fairly short, only about three and a half minutes.

Jeremy and Tina’s Movie Trailer from Jeremy Logsdon on Vimeo.

Okay, if you aren’t up for watching the video, that’s cool. I’ll just tell you my big news.

I’m going to be a dad. Tina is pregnant.

I am THRILLED beyond words! It’s our first baby, and we are already over the moon. I’m sorry to say that Stellar Path may have lots of baby news on it for the next six months. We waited until the first trimester was over to tell people, and let me tell you, waiting to tell was HARD. But we’ve had our first ultrasound, and so far, everything looks fine.

This is our Las Vegas baby. This may be TMI, and I apologize if it is, but Moon Pie (our chosen nickname for the baby) was conceived in Vegas. Tina and I had just begun to try and start our family in November, and on our last day in Vegas, we saw a onesie in a shop. Fully aware that it took most couples several months to conceive, we both just had a very good feeling about our second attempt month.

On January 3rd, Tina told me she had a late Christmas present for me. I opened the package, and in addition to a pee stick wrapped in a ziplock baggie, I was given a pink First Christmas stocking that we accidentally stole during our first Christmas and a blue Star Trek onesie. She took eight more pregnancy tests over the next few days. All were positive.

Oh, and if you are a Trekkie, I don’t have to explain this, but if you aren’t… Blue isn’t me hoping for a boy. I just want a healthy baby; I don’t care what it is. On Star Trek, blue is the color of the sciences, and we’re planning for our little bundle of joy to be a scientist or doctor. :)

And I should probably explain the stolen stocking. During our first Christmas together in 2008, we went to Hobby Lobby and picked out our stockings. When we opened our stockings much later, that little pink baby stocking was in the toe of my stocking. One mild heart attack later and Tina assured me she had no idea that the baby stocking was there, and we realized that it had been placed in the big stocking and we stole it. Whoops! However, we took it back to Hobby Lobby and they just told us to keep it, so we have a 2008 Baby’s First Christmas stocking.

But stolen stockings aside, we are having a baby. Moon Pie’s due date is September 15th. I’m obviously not shy about sharing either my or Tina’s name on the blog, but we are going to keep Moon Pie’s real name secret until he or she is born. Obviously, we don’t even know yet if we are having a boy Moon Pie or a girl Moon Pie, but regardless, we’ll share his or her name when he or she is born.

We’re having a baby!

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  • Diane

    Congratulations ! Welcome to the beginning of the most exciting journey of your lives- you will make wonderful parents !
    Diane recently posted..Carpe Zuchinni !

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thanks! We are very excited and slightly overwhelmed still. :)
      Jeremy Logsdon recently posted..My Huge News

  • staci

    That is such great news! Congratulations :)

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thanks! :)

  • Erin

    You guys are going to be awesome parents. Congrats to you and Tina!

    BTW, I love the nickname. Moon Pie. <3
    Erin recently posted..Weekly Goals: 03/05/2012

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thank you! We’ll explain the Moon Pie in a future post, but basically, it’s because of Sheldon Cooper. :)
      Jeremy Logsdon recently posted..My Huge News

  • Emily

    Congrats! This is very exciting for both of you!!!
    Emily recently posted..A Guest Post over at Kate Schmate

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thanks! We are very excited. :)
      Jeremy Logsdon recently posted..My Huge News

  • Brandon

    Big congrats to both of you, that’s very exciting! And I loved your movie trailer, lots of fun :)
    Brandon recently posted..A Quick Update on My Weight

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      We had a blast doing the movie trailer. It was very fitting for us. :)
      Jeremy Logsdon recently posted..My Huge News

  • Molly Nitka

    Molly Nitka recently posted..Wednesday Ramblings.

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thank you! :)
      Jeremy Logsdon recently posted..My Huge News

  • Yum Yucky

    hehe. cool movie trailer. now you gonna haz a baby to show for the Vegas chick-a bow-bowing you did. This is AWESOME!!! Congrats to you both. xoxox
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Home Workout Essentials: Leslie Sansone’s Walk At Home Series

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      This baby is proof – what happens in Vegas does not necessarily stay in Vegas. :)
      Jeremy Logsdon recently posted..My Huge News

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  • Hanlie

    Oh I am thrilled for you! Congratulations!

    • Jeremy Logsdon

      Thanks! We are quite excited. :)

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