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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Just Random Special Ornaments

The following ornaments on my tree are all special to me for a variety of different reasons. I’ll give commentary for each one in this post.

This ornament is the Christmas spider. You can visit this link to read about the tradition. I used to be very afraid of spiders, but I’ve always liked this ornament. I’ve had it for about twenty years.

I bought this ornament in late December 1996. I had just completed my first semester of college, and I stopped to get gas before driving to my parents house. I stopped at a Mom and Pop gas station in our hometown of Munfordville called Sheldon’s. They were also a marathon station, and they had a special that year. Buy 8 gallons of gas and get this ornament for $1.99. I don’t know why, but I thought this ornament just looked immensely cool. For me, 15 years later, this ornament symbolizes my first semester of college.

This is the oldest ornament on my tree. In 1984, when I was in first grade, my parents bought a set of Make-It Bake-It ornaments for Christmas. If you don’t know what they are, they are little metal frames that you sprinkle these little translucent, colored pellets in. You bake them, they melt, and you end up with a stained glass ornament. I LOVED making those ornaments. We had literally dozens, although we’ve lost many over the years, but I am determined to make sure I hang on to this one. Anyone else do Make-it Bake-it Ornaments?

No deep meaning here. I’ve had them about five years. I just love the Simpsons! (I need a Marge, Maggie, and Lisa ornament!)

I think this pair is from fourth grade. I remember getting them in two different Happy Meals from McDonald’s. They are Disney ornaments from a movie that I have never seen. They used to play music. But for whatever reason, these ornaments have never been lost and they have been on every tree I’ve ever owned. I plan for them to always be.

And lastly… this ornament. I got it off eBay in 1997. If you’ve read anything I’ve ever written before, no explanation necessary…

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Our Yearly Ornaments

Tina and I had our first date on January 11, 2008. Yes, I’m one of those huge girls who remembers anniversaries and dates to a ridiculous degree. I’m crazy sentimental. Don’t judge me.

But my point – since we started dating in January, by the time December 2008 rolled around, we were pretty serious as a couple. Even though I hadn’t proposed yet (and wouldn’t for another 8 months), by Christmas 2008, we knew we were going to be together forever. So that year, we decided we would also have a tradition of having an ornament to symbolize each Christmas together. In 2008, we made our ornament. In 2009, we found this cool frame and used a photo of us playing in the snow. And for 2010, we got this ornament to symbolize our newly married life together. We don’t have 2011 picked out yet. We may buy it in Vegas.

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Ornaments for Places We’ve Been

Tina and I, on our very first trip together (which happened to be to Chattanooga), decided to get a Christmas ornament for every trip that we take. We may have missed a few here or there (and I know for a fact that I forgot to take a picture of the D.C. ornament from this year), but these are our trip ornaments. When we return from Vegas, we’ll have a Vegas ornament to add to the collection. Eventually, when we have a bigger house, we want to have a tree of JUST trip ornaments.

The leaf has significance as it is an actual leaf, coated in gold, from Mammoth Cave National Park. We bought it on the day that I proposed to Tina.

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Weight Loss Ornaments

I am currently off enjoying myself in Las Vegas, so this week, rather than just not have posts (and because I didn’t think to ask for guest posts in time), I’m going to share with you some ornaments from my tree! Today’s post is all about the weight loss ornaments I’ve collected over the years.

I’ve struggled with weight my entire life, so it’s not really a surprise to me that some weight loss and fitness ornaments have crept onto my tree. A few of these I’ve had for many, many years.

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