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Green Lantern & Weight Loss

If you haven’t gathered by now (or you are a new reader, in which case, hello!), I’m a geek. Mega huge super geek.

I don’t play Dungeons and Dragons, and I’m not a hardcore gamer (unless it has to do with Mario, in which case, sign me up), but I like geeky things. Star Trek. Power Rangers. Super heroes. Buffy. The geekier, the better. Ultimately, I think what I really like is to watch the fight of good against evil.

Back in the summer, I watched several episodes of Power Rangers and applied it to weight loss. Frankly, I had a blast doing it. But as the semester started and I got busier (and my weight loss stagnated), I stopped. Well… the semester is almost over, and I’m starting back up.

This first return, though, isn’t for the Power Rangers (even though I said it would be – whoops). I bought a movie on Black Friday, a blu-ray for only $9.99. Green Lantern. I’m not going to go into great detail about the plot (mostly because it’s awesome, regardless of what the reviews said, and you should watch it yourself), but as Tina and I were watching it last night, I realized that there was a very interesting weight loss lesson at the heart of this movie.

Okay, maybe not, but I’m applying it to weight loss, and for me, it fit beautifully.

The Gist

We have Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan, a cocky pilot with ridiculous abs. (I’ve discussed my man crush on Ryan Reynolds before.)

Basically, the Green Lantern Corps is a group of crime fighters who are the protectors of peace and justice. That is a SUPER condensed version, but know that the Green Lantern that covers our sector of space died, crashed on Earth, and his ring, the source of his powers, chose Hal Jordan to be his successor.

Once Hal finally used his powers (albeit accidentally), he was whisked away to the planet Oa, Green Lantern HQ. There, he was apparently stripped to his skivvies and examined, because an Earthling has never been a Green Lantern before. And Ryan Reynolds apparently has a clause in all of his contracts that require at least one shirtless scene per movie.

After getting his suit and powers and a bit of training, he finds himself up against Sinestro, leader of all the Green Lanterns. And it was here that an amazing weight loss analogy was presented.

Sinestro, while thoroughly kicking Hal’s butt in an attempt to show him what a Green Lantern is and can do, says, “Fear is the enemy of will. Will is what lets you take action. Fear is what stops you and makes you weak.”

The Weight Loss Analogy

How often have we let fear ruin our weight loss?

I know I have.

I’ve never weighed under 250 pounds. I don’t know what that will be like, and five years ago, I let the fear of knowing push me back to 380.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of the uncertain.

Fear of no net.

Because being fat is the greatest safety net we’ve invented. Whatever bad thing happens to us, we can blame it on our fat.

I didn’t get the girl (or guy) because I was fat.

I didn’t get the promotion because I was fat.

I didn’t get to live the life I wanted because I was fat.

There is a choice to be made.

Do I live in fear and keep my safety net, or do I get rid of that safety net and face the world, head on?

I’ve made my choice.

Have you?

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A Black Friday Weigh-In

First of all, the results of my post-Thanksgiving weigh-in…

Oh yeah! Down 0.8 from Wednesday! And that was WITH a traditional Thanksgiving meal! It just goes to show (me) that if I eat moderately, enjoy myself, and don’t go overboard, I CAN enjoy the holidays and stay on plan.

November 25, 2011
Weight: 376.2
Change from Last week: -2.6 pounds
Change from highest: -26.6 pounds

I do realize that this may not be typical and I may have to give some back next week. But regardless, I didn’t put on tons of weight. I didn’t gorge myself. And I even had a small slice of pecan pie last night that was every bit as good as the three slices I would have had in years past.

Thanksgiving: 0
Jeremy: 1

And on to the shopping…

I’m truthfully NOT a Black Friday shopper. I go, but I’m not one of those who ever camps out or even waits in line. In fact, when I found out that Target shoppers were going to be lined up past the front door to Lowe’s, I suggested we hit Wal-Mart first.

I go to Black Friday sales for ONE reason.

Cheap DVDs. And I knew Wal-Mart and Target were both going to have some cheap DVDs and Blu-Rays that I wanted to attempt to get my hands on.

The plus side of having such a short shopping list? If I don’t get it, no big deal.

First stop… Wal-Mart

Our first stop was Wal-Mart. Our town has two Wal-Marts, and we always go to the one that is on the other side of town because it tends to be less crowded. Even on Black Friday, it was less crowded. I’ve seen our Wal-Mart with a bigger crowd than this on regular shopping days.

We picked out four Blu-Rays, and although Tina had her heart set on getting a $38 Shark Floor Steam Cleaner, we couldn’t even find the displays.

After getting in line, (thanks to some very nice people who let us cut since we didn’t have a cart and literally had only a few things), Tina saw the Shark sitting, unattended, by the register. After asking everybody around if it was theirs, no one claimed it, so we ended up getting the cleaner, too. Win!

Second stop… Target…

Our town only has one Target. Dear Jesus, this place was packed.

After making our way around the store and asking a few Good Samaritans where the DVDs were, we finally found the movies. I had my heart set on the $7.99 Psych TVonDVD sets. Alas, the first DVD stations we found only had movies. Fortunately, yet another Samaritan pointed us to the back of the store, and we were able to get EVERY DVD box set we had on our wish list, including the entire series of Heroes for only $7.99 per season. Super win!

But then… we had to get in line.

Super suck.

The problem was that four lines were feeding into one mega line. The truth of the matter is, they needed a line referee because people kept cutting. After we had been in line for forty-five minutes, someone ahead of us was complaining because it had already taken them fifteen minutes to make it that far.

However, we reminded ourselves that we had everything we came for, and if we had to wait for a while because some people chose to screw up their karma by cutting line, then we were still going to get everything they needed. And they were going to have slashed tires in the parking lot. Win win.

But yeah, the line sucked. And continued. It took us about an hour to FINALLY check out, and we semi-bonded with the people in front of us, so all in all, a successful trip.

And yes, we got WAY more DVDs than we needed, so we’re counting this the rest of our Christmas shopping for each other, and except for a few relatives, we are now DONE Christmas shopping.

It’s Christmas!

I love Christmas! We’ve had our tree up for a week. I plan a blog post already to detail some of our ornaments, including a few that are fitness and weight loss related.

I’ll be back on Friday with a geeked-out Power Rangers post, because I haven’t done one of those in a long time.

To my American readers, please continue to have a wonderful holiday weekend. And to my non-American readers, please have a wonderful weekend!

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Pre-Holiday Weigh-In and a Motivational Image

First of all, the super good news! I DID lose weight before Thanksgiving! Woo hoo!

Now I may be all bloated and full of salt on Friday, but I am STILL going to weigh-in. Let’s just see how Wednesday and Black Friday weigh-ins compare.

I’m about to show you a weight loss motivational picture, but before this turns into something else, let me post one final Thanksgiving image for some holiday cheer.

A gym in Brazil (I think…) posted pictures such as this for their advertising a few years ago. A lot of people got upset. Fat jokes or things that others consider insensitive truly don’t bother me. And for that reason, I find this picture both motivational and AWESOME.

And because I want to look like him and I have a man crush, I’m posting this picture, and I’m reminding myself, “Would he be splurging non-stop for the next five weeks? Don’t think so.”

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Thanksgiving, Middle of the Trifecta

It wasn’t until Tina and I started going to each others’ family functions that we discovered how different families from the same region of the country can be. The Thanksgiving meal we share is, I think, one big example.

At my parents’ house, Thanksgiving meal will consist of a turkey, homemade stuffing (although not actually stuffed in the bird), gravy, rolls, mashed potatoes, corn, peas, macaroni and cheese, roasted sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce. And for dessert, some type of pie that is definitely not pumpkin. My mother, who was the cook when I was growing up, hates pumpkin, so I was literally an adult before I first tried a pumpkin pie.

Tina’s family has a very different menu. Turkey, ham, green beans, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, some type of sweet potato casserole, and rolls with pumpkin pie for dessert. One year I think there were even deviled eggs. To me, this feels more like a July 4th meal. I’ve got to be honest – while I’m happy to go enjoy this meal with Tina’s family, it just does not feel like Thanksgiving to me. And I’m quite sure that my family meal doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving to her.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being with people you care about. Food is just that – food. It doesn’t make or break the day. (Even though I hate baked beans. Yuck.)

So, we’re heading into the middle meal of the Holiday Trifecta that tends to ruin people’s diets.

I have NEVER understood that. Thanksgiving is just NOT a scary meal for me.

I do Weight Watchers at the moment, so this is what my Thanksgiving meal at my parents house will look like with estimated points.

Turkey, 6
Small amount of gravy, 3
Mashed potatoes with peas, 8
Roll, 4
Macaroni & cheese, 8
Sweet potato, 4
Cranberry sauce, 3

These are high estimates, and yes, this is a VERY generous plate of food. It comes out to 36 points. Yeah, that’s a buttload of food. But you know what? I have 71 daily points. I have 49 weekly points that I’ve barely touched because I’m saving them for the Thanksgiving eat-o-rama. Even if I add a slice of pie at 10 points, I’m still doing okay.

And best yet – for the most part, these are all real foods. My mother is a southern cook. She cooks with real food, not fake ingredients.

I’ve clearly been struggling with my weight lately. I weigh more now than I did in January. I’m not going to sit here and say “I’ve made great choices and I just don’t know why I’m gaining weight!” I know exactly why I’m gaining weight. I’ve eaten too much and not moved enough lately. The end. But the me of a few years ago would say, “Ah screw it. I’ll start over on January 1st.” After all, I’ve got Thanksgiving, multiple Christmas parties, and a freaking trip to Vegas before January 1st to contend with. But I am NOT hitting the reset button on 1-1-12. I’m taking charge now.

If I make that choice to wait, I’ll start January 1st weighing 400 pounds. That is NOT happening. Instead, I’ll splurge occasionally throughout the holidays, relying on my daily points and weekly points (I still think of them as flex points) to get me through. I’ll exercise.

And besides, when I eat real food and exercise, I feel good. Why shouldn’t I want to feel good now?

So who is with me? Anyone else planned out their Thanksgiving meal?

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I Hate Being Sick Weigh-In

I’ve been sick a LOT lately.

I had a sinus infection about a month ago. I got another one last weekend. I’m almost well. Almost. Still snotty and congested, but I at least don’t have a raw throat from the drainage anymore.

I have to get back in to my regular weigh-ins. And even though the past two weeks have been full of “meh, I’ll eat whatever I want” and “I’m too sick to exercise,” I’m showing a gain. Yarg.

I’ll be honest – there was a part of me that was tempted to wait until Black Friday to weigh-in. HOWEVER, if I do that, then it’s just a short walk to “I’ll weigh in on January 1st!” And I’m not doing that.

So… even with the gain, I’m weighing in today. I’ll weigh in again on Wednesday as a pre-Thanksgiving “here’s where I am” weigh-in, and then I’ll weigh in again on Black Friday.

November 18, 2011
Weight: 378.8
Change from highest: -24 pounds

I’m not happy, but I’m not crushed. I saw it coming. If you eat poorly and don’t move, sick or not, then you gain weight. I should have ignored my sick cravings and continued to eat healthy, even if I wasn’t well enough to workout.

But I’m back on track today, I’m counting points, and I’ll post a loss on Wednesday for sure. Black Friday… we’ll see.

Honestly, Thanksgiving has never been a very scary holiday for me. Turkey, vegetables, and a tiny slice of pumpkin pie. Really, is that a big deal? That’ll fit in my daily calories with barely any effort at all.

What’s your Thanksgiving survival plan?

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