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I’m a Rambling Man

I’ve been pretty incommunicado lately.

Let me go ahead and warn you that this is going to be a very ramble-y blog post. I’ve got a lot to say and no coherent way to tie it all up, so this may be a James Joyce-ian stream of consciousness blog post. It will be far shorter than Ulysses, however.

"James Joyce is much tougher than Seuss..."

"James Joyce is much tougher than Seuss..."

Nothing bad has happened. I have been EXTREMELY busy for the past few weeks, but nothing bad is going on in my life at all.

Quite the contrary.

I still have an amazing job.

My job gives me six free hours of tuition every semester. I have decided to start my second Master’s degree, a Master’s of Science in Library Media and Educational Technology. I am currently taking a May-term class. If you don’t know what that means, imagine a regular semester-long graduate class crammed into three weeks.

Lots of homework. Lots of late night reading. Lots and lots and lots of writing and typing out various reports.

I love it. Every second of it. But I won’t deny that it’s taking up a lot of my time.

Oh, and I’m doing another three-week class in June as soon as this one ends.

In other job news, I thought things might slow down a bit when the regular Spring semester ended. After all, campus is almost completely dead now. There can’t be that much to do, right?

Wrong. Somehow, I’m finding myself even busier at work than when campus had 15,000 people on it.

I’m okay with that. I LOVE MY JOB! If I wanted another tattoo, I would get one that said something to that effect. (Given that I have wanted to remove the small tattoo I currently possess and have wanted it gone for about four years now, it really wouldn’t make that much sense to get another one when I can just show my job-love here on my blog.)

"I went to get I Heart WKU...  Got talked into this instead...  This... this wasn't a good idea."

"I went to get I Heart WKU... Got talked into this instead... This... this wasn't a good idea."

Part of my job-love is because I came from utter HELL before I landed here.

"I wasn't really set on fire at my last job... but I did have to pull several dozen knives out of my back daily."

"I wasn't really set on fire at my last job... but I did have to pull several dozen knives out of my back daily."

Part of my job-love is that I absolutely adore WKU. This is my alma mater. To paraphrase my boss in referring to her alma mater, I love every single brick of this place. Sometime this fall, when campus is beautiful and I can take an afternoon off, I’ll take my camera and do a virtual tour here.

I’ve also had some joyous celebration, because my wife has just graduated! She walked the line about a week ago and is the proud recipient of a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology.

I’m not sure if other campus do this or allow it, but at WKU, many graduates decorate their mortar board. Tina’s was one of the best. And I’m not just being biased because she’s my wife. When the graduation was aired on WKU’s news channel, the camera crew selected her mortar board as the one to talk about live and on the air.

That is our mascot, Big Red.  She doesn't have Grimace on her hat.

That is our mascot, Big Red. She doesn't have Grimace on her hat.

Of course, she made it with glitter, and glitter is the herpes of the craft world. In other words, once you get glitter, even if you think you’re clear, you really aren’t. Even our cat had glitter on him at one point during this craft process.

So that took up a little time.

There have been a lot of celebrations.

There has been a lot of laziness.

I went to the gym on Monday morning before work.

Yeah, that was pretty much the last time I went.

My weight has crept up.

Sometimes when I gain weight, I truly have to shrug and say, “I have no idea what happened!”

I can’t do that this time. I know EXACTLY why my weight has crept up. I’ve been eating too much and not moving enough.

Tina and I are about to start a little detox. We’re going to cut WAY back on processed foods for the next few days, and then, starting on Tuesday, we’re going to go a week without processed foods. Not forever, just for a while. Just to jump start our motivation.

Babies are in our future. We want to start our family. I don’t want to be a fat dad. Tina doesn’t want to be one of those women who could be fat or could be pregnant. She wants to clearly be pregnant with no ambiguity. The good side of this is that Tina is very close to goal weight. She isn’t far off at all. In fact, I expect Tina to be at goal weight before we go run from Zombies on October 22nd. I won’t be, but I plan to be on my way.

So… that’s kinda why I haven’t had a weigh-in lately. I truly believe that if someone doesn’t weigh in at least two weeks in a row, it’s because they’ve gained weight.


Stay tuned. I want to turn this train around. I don’t want to merely say, “I’ve got this,” over and over and never do.

Actions speaker louder than words. Right?

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A Well-Oiled Machine Weigh-In

Let me first share with you a fun little tip I just discovered. Don’t go to Google Images and search for well-oiled machine without expecting a LOT of interesting images turn up. Hoo boy. However, I did find a suitable image for this blog post, and here it is.

So why is this a Well-Oiled Machine Weigh-In?

Because that’s what I am right now. I’m a well-oiled machine. I’m doing what works, I’m counting my points, I’m working out like a fiend, and I am making progress! And that’s going to be even more important in the next six weeks, which I’ll explain in just a moment.

May 10, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 359.8
Today’s Weight: 357.7
Change from All-Time High: -45.1 pounds
Change from Last Week: -2.1 pounds

I lost 2.1 pounds! Woo hoo! Nothing new, really. I just counted all of my points, stayed away from my trigger foods, and I hit the gym daily. Okay, that’s not entirely true. One day’s workout consisted of an hour and a half of sweat-drenched work out in our new garden (post on that coming soon), but I’m considering that a good workout.

Anyway, I have my routine down finally, and I just hope that sticking to this will keep the pounds coming off. I’ll happily and joyfully take two pounds a week. After all, that’s 104 pounds in a year.

So why is it now especially important that I have my routine?

I’m starting work on my second Master’s Degree!

I’ve shared here many times before that I work at WKU, my alma mater. One of the perks of being an employee of WKU is that you get 18 hours of free tuition every year, six in the spring, six in the summer, and six in the fall. For someone like me who ADORES school, that’s a dream come true. I can’t believe I waited until now, ¾ of the way through my first year to begin.

I desperately want to start work on my doctoral degree, but for as badly as I want to do that, I can tell that now is not the right time. For one thing, the doctoral degree I want (the one that will advance my career) is not available here at WKU but would require a 90 minute commute to the University of Louisville on at least once a week (and probably two days a week at some points during my coursework). The commute doesn’t scare me. Lots of people here in Bowling Green commute to Louisville to work on their doctorate while maintaining a full time job at WKU. It can be done.

However, I’m just not in the right place for that at the moment, and I have three reasons.

The first is financial. Tina and I are still newlyweds. She’s graduating on Saturday. Frankly, we’re kinda poor. While there would be a tuition break for going to an in-state school, I can’t afford tuition OR the commute at the moment. And I’m not sure my car would like it, either. (In fact, our next big purchase is going to be a new car, because my 2002 Mustang with 194,000 miles would like to retire.)

The second is family related. Tina and I want to have babies in the foreseeable future. I don’t want to spend a lot of their infancy and toddlerhood working on my doctorate. While I know a Master’s is a lot of work, too, I can only imagine how much more a doctorate is. Plus, since I would be doing my doctorate part time, it would take even longer. Right now, I picture me starting a doctorate when our yet-to-be-born kid is around 4 or so. Maybe not; I don’t know. I might wait ‘til they are teenagers. Who knows? I just know that the time is not right at this particular moment.

The third is health related. Other than a slight case of morbid obesity, my health is fine, but I want to get this obesity under control. I’ve got several years of hard work ahead of me in losing weight. I don’t want to have to fight to lose my weight while doing 700-level coursework. Plus, and this may be a pipe dream, but I want to be crazy fit, like six-pack ab fit, when I become Dr. Logsdon.

Welcome to College Literacy, freshmen. Has anyone seen my shirt?

I’m basing a lot of my decisions on the fact that there will be a combined three hour commute for every day I had to go to Louisville’s campus, as well as the added rigor of doctoral coursework. At the moment, I am not ready.

But as I said, I am ready to start back to school, so I’ve decided to at least get a leg up by working on my second Master’s. My first is in Secondary Education (which is funny, as I no longer teach high school. However, I do teach college freshman, and really, they aren’t that much different). My next Master’s will be in Library Media and Educational Technology.

I’m in a fantastic position to grow my career and vita now with Master’s coursework and career experiences, so that when I do begin my doctoral work (in the next five to seven years, I hope), I’ll be physically fit and ready to impress the academic world with my amazing dissertation on the use of popular culture to help teach literacy.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love you, Mom! Thanks for everything you’ve done for me over the years.

My parents dancing at my wedding

One of the standard jokes of… well, pretty much anything, is how horrible mother-in-laws are. Tina and I both consider ourselves very lucky that we both love our in-laws. So Happy Mother’s Day, Reita, too. Thanks for giving birth to your daughter; she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

And to the rest of you mothers out there, thanks for doing everything you do. You pretty much keep the planet running. I don’t know what we’d do without you.

Probably accidentally set more kitchens on fire.

Dad tried to make toast again...

Dad tried to make toast again...

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A Beware of Food Weigh-In

I had a great week eating and exercising, and the scale showed it this week.

May 3, 2011
Last Week’s Weight: 361.6
Today’s Weight: 359.8
Change from All-Time High: -43.0 pounds
Change from Last Week: -1.8 pounds

This is going to be a quick post. I’ll post more about my ongoing experience on the Paleo diet later this week (in a quick nutshell, it’s going better, but I still miss cheese), but I want to explain the name of this weigh-in.

So why is this a Beware of Food Weigh-In?

I didn’t have too splurgy of a week this week. I stuck to my plan and the results showed. I’m eating paleo, I’m counting points, and I felt good. It felt great to be in the gym each time.

But I am always aware that my relationship with food is a tricky one. And I must acknowledge and accept… it is not worth it to binge.

I can spend one weekend eating too much… and I must then spend the next month making up for it.

I don’t know if it is my metabolism or what, but I can overeat, gain five plus pounds, and then it’ll take me more than a month to get the weight off, just to be back at ground zero… er, ground 360 pounds.

That isn’t worth it. No binge is worth losing a month of weight loss.

Let’s hope that next week will show another 1.8 pound loss. Keep on keeping on. That’s all I can do.

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