34 Weeks to Go and Counting: A Run For Your Lives Update

This is a quick Saturday night post. Run For Your Lives is still on, and we are still in full training mode. We did just receive word from the race organizer that DJ Pauly D will not be available for the Apocalypse Party the night of the race. Uhm, okay. To that, I only have two things to say. The only way I would EVER watch Jersey Shore is if I was guaranteed the entire cast would be eaten by zombies while I was watching, and I don’t mean some lame Halloween special. They would for real need to be eaten by zombies during the show. And then the show ends. Forever. And MTV starts playing music again. And two, if DJ Pauly D had been there, we would not have stayed. We may now stay for the Apocalypse Party, so yay for that.

Now, on to training news…

When I’m at the gym, even on weight lifting days, I always put some treadmill time in. Today, Tina and I took Malcolm to a local park and got in some walking and jogging. It’s getting easier. I’m still taking it VERY slow. I am well aware that I weigh over 350 pounds, and not many guys my size put their bodies through the stress of jogging. So slow and easy goes it, but I’m feeling my heart and lungs get stronger every day, and so long as my feet and joints stay pain-free (which they currently are), I’m going to stay the course.

I’ve slacked off a bit on the stretching, so I need to pick that up. I’m so stiff, yoga will definitely be a big help. I just need to do it more.

Zombie movie of the week?

Dawn of the Dead. 1978 version. Those zombies don’t run. That might give me a little bit of an ego boost.

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  • http://www.hblewett.com/blog/ Hanlie

    I’m in the mid-330’s so I know what you mean. I think the best for me would be to run on grass at this stage… I was watching cricket with my husband this afternoon and I said to him that if I ran to and fro in my back yard on the lawn, it would be like running between the wickets… Of course, then I got the idea to also leopard crawl the length of my backyard to and fro, but he says that my elbows and knees will lose all their skin, and that just sounds unattractive, so I’m probably going to give that one a miss.
    Hanlie recently posted..Roundup of the week – 8-52 of 2011

  • http://craigversion2.wordpress.com Craig

    Love that movie!

    I also love Jersey Shore, though. See, if I had gotten word Pauly D had cancelled I would be so sad I would consider cancelling too! And don’t even get me started on if a scenario happened where a promised Snooki appearance was cancelled. I’d really protest then! :)

    Good job keeping the training slow. I haaaate jogging but I try to do spurts when I can on the treadmill….but they don’t last long. I suck at running!
    Craig recently posted..Non-Scale Update 2-27-11

  • Erin

    Pauly who? :-)


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