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Crystal Ball Gazing

What kind of weight loss tip can I share when I’ve just started again?

I’m going to share a different kind of tip.

Be careful, and reach out for help the second you need it.

This is one that I do know about, because I used to be much thinner.

We’re all going to have various slumps in our weight loss, both because of the intricacies of the human metabolism and at other times because we just plain fall off program.

Ask for help! If I had done that, I would have gotten help in April 2006 when my weight climbed back up to 270 rather than wait until December 2010 when my weight has climbed back up to 350.

Because of that, I don’t know that I will ever feel comfortable making a “never again” statement. You know the type I mean.

“I just weighed in at 239 and I will NEVER AGAIN be in the 240s!”

The me in February of 2006 made those statements all the time. He really thought they were true. And if he had a crystal ball that showed him weighing 350 pounds in just four and a half years, he would have sent that crystal ball back for a refund.

I sincerely hope I am leaving obesity behind forever. I am making steps to make sure they happen. But I can’t with 100% certainty say that I will never weigh more than 360 pounds again. I don’t know what my future holds, and I don’t know what may lead me to food binging again.

I don’t blame people who make statements like that. They are fun to make. And for most people, they truly believe them to be true. I just know from experience that for me, at least, it isn’t always so black and white.

Maybe when I get to goal weight I can say, “I am 99% certain I will never again be obese!” I’ll take 99%.

But I am taking away this – whatever my crystal ball says, if I don’t like the outcome, then I hope to seek out help. No man is an island. No diet occurs in a vacuum, and I know that I will always need help. I’m okay with that. I’m just happy I finally realized it.

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Week One: A Kick Off Weigh-in

This is a Kick Off Weigh-in!

At my first campus meeting on Tuesday, I weighed in at 353.6. I plan to always wear the same thing so that my weight change is true weight and not based on clothing.

I’m going to TRY and post every Tuesday, but that won’t always happen. For instance, it didn’t happen last night because I was so busy with the final week of school before final exams. Even as the teacher, we are definitely busy. (Maybe especially as the teacher. Students have a handful of teachers. I have almost 150 students, mostly college freshmen.) But I am posting today, so you can expect to see a weigh-in from me every Tuesday or Wednesday. There will be a few exceptions over the holidays, as my weigh-in will change for two weeks. Over Christmas break, WKU completely shuts down, so I’ll be weighing in at an alternate community meeting. It may or may not be Tuesday, but I will definitely be weighing in.

(Oh, and speaking of the holidays, if you are reading this in Google Reader, please hop on over to my actual blog so you can see my new festive Christmas theme!)

I’ll also attempt to record a video for each weigh-in. This morning, before I left my house, I put my camcorder on the dashboard of my car and recorded a video as I drove to work. (Ignore the fact that I didn’t look at the camera – I don’t want to have a wreck, after all). Just a quick cursory video.

Nothing too big to say as I’ve just started, but I can say again that I am very excited about Weight Watchers PointsPlus Program, and I’m hopeful this will be the tool that helps me regain control of my eating.

And lastly, every time I weigh in, I’ll add links to the posts I’ve made to my other blogs!

So this week, I’m going to share all of my Honeymoon posts! I have started a travel blog, The Window Seat. It was created because I’ve decided to start journaling all of my trips. Before, I would take a few photos, and over time, that would be the only memories I’d have left. For the honeymoon, I actually wrote a journal entry of sorts while on the trip that I combined with TONS of pictures (and a few videos) of the trip. Even now, almost two months later, reading over it really brings the entire trip rushing back. Warning – you will see me poolside and shirtless (and putting sunscreen on my face) in one pic. You will also see tons of photos of food.

Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six
Day Seven
Day Eight

I’ve also put a few more recipes up at my cooking blog, 1000 Meals.

Three of my recipes:
Sausage Gravy
Breakfast Pizza
Mug Blondie

I plan to post again on Friday. I’ll share some type of weight loss tip. Not sure what it will be yet, but I’ll see you then!

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Direct Life Giveaway Contest Entry

I recently came across one of the most amazing giveaways I have ever seen in the blogging world.

Foodie McBody (if you name your child that, she is guaranteed to grow up fit – Tina and I are naming out firstborn Fitness T. Worksoutalotberg) is hosting a giveaway for a Direct Life Activity Monitor, plus a year’s worth of free coaching.


Holy crap. That’s a huge giveaway.

I’ve considered buying the BodyBugg, but I just got married, we have debt of various sorts, and we don’t have $300 lying around for me to try out a product that I mostly know about from the Biggest Loser.

However, Ms. McBody (can I call you Foodie?) has heartily endorsed hers for a while now, and given that she doesn’t work for DirectLife but is just a client, I consider that a pretty ringing endorsement. I’ve considered buying one, and if I don’t win (*tear), then I may have to splurge on one somewhere down the road. As in way down the road. Maybe a birthday present to myself in April. 2015.

But I want to win. Aside from the fact that I like free stuff, her giveaway is more than just a random-entry-wins contest. If you go to her page here, you can see how to enter. Basically, a 250 word blog post or a 2 minute video can do it.

Apparently, I’m doing both.

Here’s the video, lovingly created in front of my Christmas tree.

And you are currently reading the blog post which is starting to feel a tiny bit random.

I have tweeted, I have followed Direct Life (I already follow Ms. McBody, and you should, too), and I have videoed and blogged.

Basically, I want one because I truly have no idea how many calories I’m burning. I lift weights and do cardio, and I’m very excited because I’m about to start Weight Watchers’ PointsPlus. I’m literally on fire right now with the excitement of losing weight.

Er, wait. Not literally. Figuratively. Because literally would be awkward.

And painful.

My last reason for wanting a DirectLife Activity Monitor? I work at Western Kentucky University. And although our sports mascot is called Big Red and he looks basically like Grimace from McDonald’s, we are called the Hilltoppers because our entire campus is one big hill.

I walk up and down that hill a LOT. I work on the fourth floor of my building at WKU. I’m sure I’m clocking lots of activity I don’t even know how to count, and the curious part of my brain would love to know. And even better yet, when I get home and after the gym, if I’m not where I should be, then I can throw the leash on the dog and take a quick walk up the street.

It doesn’t appear that a lot of people have entered this giveaway yet, so if you think you are interested, you should do so, but hurry, because her contest is over December 6th.

Except don’t enter. Because I want to win, and you entering would lower my chances. Pick me!

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Weight Watchers Countdown Begins

In my last post, I made my confession. The weight loss effort of the last year has largely been a failure. I have done worse than not lose weight.

I have gained weight. This morning, I weighed in at 352 pounds.

It isn’t my highest. That was 403.

It sure isn’t my lowest, either. That was around 260.

I’ve talked about what happened. I’ve given “excuses” for why it happened, but truthfully, there is no excuse.

I got sloppy, I got careless, and most importantly, I didn’t reach out for help.

Frequently, I find myself unwilling to ask for help. I often want to do it myself.

I do not believe I can do it on my own. That isn’t me putting myself down. That is me facing facts. I am envious and proud of those of you who can, but I must accept that I am not one of you.

I’m joining Weight Watchers. I’m joining a work chapter at my workplace, Western Kentucky University.

The Weight Watchers Work Chapter Open House was on Tuesday. I’m going to a community meeting on Saturday to learn about the new way to work the points.

Weight Watchers has just rolled out a new program called PointsPlus. The old program used calories, fiber, and fat grams to calculate how many points each food item. The new program uses protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber. I’ve heard from a few people who got to try the program early, and they have all absolutely loved it. From what I can tell so far, the program is emphasizing real foods over fake foods. It seems Weight Watchers may have an amazing new plan here.

On a related weight loss note, I have a love/hate relationship with The Biggest Loser. I hate the gameplay aspect, although I certainly understand how the promise of a $250,000 payday can do that to you. I frequently find the concept of people moaning about “only losing eight pounds a week” infuriating, even though I kind of get it, too.

But I also love it. I love the inspiration of seeing obese people get healthy. I love the tough love that Jillian and Bob throw down on the contestants. And in the most recent “Where Are They Now” episode, Jillian Michaels said something to the first season winner, Ryan (who regained over 100 pounds), something that really, really struck a chord with me.

“When you are losing the battle, reach out for support.”

Why didn’t I? I was too proud. I didn’t want to admit that I needed help.

No longer.

I need help with the battle. Weight Watchers is going to help me win the war. Hopefully, you can help me, too.

Whenever my first weigh-in is (either this Saturday or this Tuesday), I will report my weight here on my blog. I will record each week’s weigh-in, good or bad. I know that some will be bad, but many will be good.

I will share a tip for weight loss each week. I don’t expect to share anything so profound that you haven’t already heard it, but I’m going to post those tips for me. The act of crafting a blog post around each tip that I want to share will be helpful for me in making that tip a lifestyle change and not just a tip.

I will resume video blogging. One post a week will be a video blog (recorded as I drive to or from work) about something of importance to me as it relates to weight loss.

I will continue cooking. I’m going to keep sharing recipes over at 1,000 Meals, hopefully at the rate of AT LEAST one a week.

And I’ll periodically continue posting fun facts about myself. I don’t know that I’ll do one for every pound, because as I tried to make my list, I realize that I just don’t know that many things about myself. But I do have a small list of about ten or fifteen, and eventually, I’ll get around to sharing those.

I have big things planned. In December 2011, whether I am at goal weight then or not, I want to look back over the last year and say, “Wow, that was a heckuva successful ride, wasn’t it?”

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