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Fact for 403

Today’s Weight 335.3

Really? One tenth of a pound lower AGAIN? Oh well. It isn’t up. Maybe I’m more stressed about the wedding than I realized and its showing up on the scale? Or maybe I just need to bust my butt more in the gym tonight?

Oh well, on to Fact for 403!

If you’re just joining me, what does Fact for 403 mean? I’ve recently decided to share one fun/quirky/interesting/powerful fact about myself for every pound that I have lost, all the way to goal weight. I’m not at goal weight yet, but I’ve still lost almost seventy pounds, so that’s seventy facts I need to come up with before I’ve even caught up to where I am now. And I plan to lose more, so we’ll just see how long it will take me to catch up. At most, I’ll post one fact a day, so it’s going to take over two months.

I have a serious post about my eating disorder to share in coming posts, but I want my first post to be VERY light hearted. That’s what this is about, too. Sharing my weird, fun facts. So the first fact is going to be light hearted and fun.

Fact for 403

I DESPISE ketchup.

The only way I'd like it - spilled and inedible on the ground

I don’t dislike it. I don’t just think it tastes gross. I utterly, truly, with-a-passion DESPISE it.

I love tomatoes. I love marinara sauce. I like raw tomatoes. I like cooked tomatoes.

But not ketchup. Even as a little kid, I thought the stuff was disgusting.

I’ve never been much of a condiment person. In fact, I was probably an adult before I really started eating mustard or mayonnaise. Now, I like both of those, but I still hate ketchup.

I’ve heard some people say, “Oh, I don’t care for ketchup on my burgers,” but they still like it on fries.

I don’t even like the way the stuff smells.

If I hit the drive-thru (I know I shouldn’t, but still…), and even though I am ALWAYS adamant about there not being ketchup on my cheeseburger, if they mess up, I have to either have it corrected or give it to someone else. Can’t do it.

In fact, I always order my burger with no ketchup, even if the menu says nothing about ketchup, because I’m just not willing to take the chance. Some people slather ketchup on everything like it’s the nectar of the Gods. I would honestly rather eat a cheeseburger with spoiled mayo on it than ketchup. The spoiled mayo MIGHT NOT gag me. The ketchup definitely would.

So for me, a good diet would probably be the ketchup diet. I can only eat food if I eat it covered in ketchup.

Basically, I would never get to eat. I would definitely lose weight that way.

Any other ketchup haters out there? I can’t be the only one! (Even though I’ve never met another ketchup hater in person. The closest I’ve ever found is people who are indifferent to it.)

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My About Me’s and C25K or Not C25K?

My weight for September 28th was 335.4, one tenth of a pound less than yesterday.

I had a thought about my blog this weekend that started off as a small bubble of a thought but has grown into something that I’m pretty excited to do.

One of my favorite things that bloggers occasionally do is share random facts about themselves. They often come with blogger awards or various other “fun” things. I enjoy learning that some people have weird little quirks that match up with my own. And given that a lot of people do these, I have come to two conclusions. One, either we all really like talking about ourselves (probably true), and/or two, we like reading about others’ weird quirks, too (probably also true).

For every pound that I lose, I am going to write an “About Me” post. I’m going to start with my 403 post. That was my highest weight. So for the first few months, I’m going to write LOTS of posts, (roughly seventy-ish), to cover those pounds I have already lost.

First About Me Post is coming tomorrow, along with my Wednesday weight.

In other news, I’m just not sure I’ve got the Couch to 5K in me any longer. I’m sure it will come back up, but I think I’m going to take a few days off. I found myself REALLY dreading doing it tonight. I decided not to. I wasn’t dreading exercise; I just wasn’t looking forward to running. Is it possible that I, who so desperately WANT to be a runner, am just not cut out to be a runner? Will I always be more at home in the weight room than doing a 5K? I’m going to see how I feel tomorrow, but I’m just not up for it.

Please note – I am NOT giving up exercise or the gym. I’m not giving up the plan to keep working out in Antigua when we are on the honeymoon. I’m just not sure C25K is for me right now. I realized after taking two days off that my feet aren’t as tired, even though I worked out REALLY hard yesterday with my personal trainer in the weight room. Is running too high impact for my obese joints right now? What do you think?

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A Where’s My Reset Button? Weigh-In

This is a Where’s My Reset Button Weigh-in.

Yeah, I’m really wishing I could redo the past week, because nothing bad happened and this gain is solely the result of eating food that today I don’t even remember the joy of eating it, just the pain of the gain.

September 27, 2010
Weight – 335.5
Previous Weigh-In – 334.0
Change of +1.5 from last week
All-Time High 402.8
Total Loss -67.3 pounds

As I said yesterday, I was not expecting a loss this week. I can blame it on nothing but poor food choices. Last week was by no means a binge, but I did indulge in a bit more celebrating than I should have, and the scale showed it.

I’m getting married in about eleven days. There will be food at the wedding.

I have a bachelor party in five days. There will be food at the bachelor party.

I am going to Antigua in twelve days. To an all-inclusive resort. There WILL be food at the resort.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a touch worried about weight gain over the next week weeks. I don’t want to come home from my honeymoon weighing 350 pounds, but I’ll be honest – I know that is an honest-to-goodness legitimate risk if I do not watch what I eat at least somewhat.

I do not plan to deprive myself on my honeymoon, but I also do not want to gorge myself just because food is there. I’m going to try and find a nice, simple in-between that I can do… But a part of me also reminds me, “If you were capable of in-betweens, you would never have weighed over 400 pounds.”

Until the morning of my wedding, I am weighing every single day. So every day, there will be at least a short post about my weight. I can’t let this get away from me, and right now, I need the public accountability of recording every single day’s weight. You’ll see how much I lose tomorrow. You’ll see how much I gain the morning after my bachelor party.

So from today, September 27th, thru the day of my wedding, October 8th, I’m going to post my weight. Every day. Without fail. And then I’ll resume weekly weigh-ins on October 18th when I return from my honeymoon.

I am losing this weight, and something as simple as food is not going to stop me.

The workouts will continue. Tonight, we are going to see our trainer for the last session until we return from Antigua. She is going to literally, physically murder me if I gain fifteen pounds on my honeymoon. That’s a bit of incentive.

We’re still training on Couch to 5K, even though we’re going to repeat Week Two for at least a few days.

We’re still going to the gym and lifting weights. Tina is trying to make her arms even more toned for the wedding. (She already has awesome arms.) Thank God I wear a tuxedo jacket.

I’m taking part in a campus “exercise” event on Friday called the Poker Walk. Tina’s doing it with me; we may even incorporate our C25K training into it.

I’m going to weigh less at my wedding than I do today. I’m going to weigh less when I return from Antigua than I do today, because even if I indulge a little, I can still exercise in Antigua. I’m sure there’s an innuendo in there somewhere, but regardless – I will weigh less coming home from Antigua than I do today.

I will weigh less on January 1st than I do today. I refuse to gain the holiday pounds.

I will weigh less on October 8, 2011, than I do today.

I will weigh less. I will be healthier.

I will. It’s either a promise or a threat. Not sure which yet.

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Pumpkin Spice and Light-Up Wine Bottles

I have my second official weigh-in tomorrow since I have “re-booted” my blog. Sadly, I do not expect to meet my goal of three pounds lost. To be quite honest, I do not expect to lose anything at all.


It’s not stress, as I mentioned in my guest post over at the wonderfully awesome Half of Jess.

It’s not because I’ve lifted weights so hard that I’ve added tons of muscle.

No, it’s because that when I am often in a good mood, I choose to celebrate with food. I have truly seldom been as happy as I am right now. I’m about to marry the woman I love. I’m about to start a new life with her. I’m about to leave the country for seven days on a wonderful honeymoon to Antigua.

And yes, rather than say, “You know what, I have the most amazing life, and the only thing that would make it better would be to eat healthy so I can get healthier and therefore live longer,” my mind says, “Hey, you’re happy, You deserve food!”

The next thing I know, I’m at Barnes and Noble with a stack of books to read (that’s okay) and a Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake and a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino with whipped cream (at least I got the small, right?). Or was it the tall? I hate Starbucks sizing.

Another fake reason to celebrate? The weather has been beautiful, (if a bit warm), and I just hope it stays this beautiful for the next two weeks. This isn’t the best picture (taken on my cell phone) but that’s what half of the sky looked like last night. The other half was pink and purple. I HOPE that we have a pretty night on October 8th.

Oh well. I’m probably going to weigh 335ish tomorrow. I’ve been exercising, but my clothes fit EXACTLY the same and I’m pretty sure the scale will not be kind. Oh well again. I have nothing to blame but myself and my food choices, and I’m not going to blame it on anything else. (There have been PLENTY of times I think I could legitimately blame it on something else, like water gain, et cetera, but this is NOT one of those times.) I’m still going to try and lose weight before the wedding, and I am committing to weighing less on January 1st than I do right now.

I am still doing Couch to 5K, and I must admit, I’m starting to struggle with it. The last two runs have been HARD. Brandon at A Healthy Dad gave the advice of repeating a week, if need be. Tina and I both had a bit of a tough time with Week Two. Not sure why, but it frankly kicked my butt. The entire time I was doing it yesterday, I kept thinking, “I want to quit, but I’m not going to.” I was going slower and slower, and by the end, I’m not sure my jog was much more than a slightly faster walk.

This is the picture we took afterward. My hair is kind of jacked up because… well, two reasons. One, I’m balding and I just don’t have good hair. And two, I’m waiting ’til about ten days before the wedding to get a haircut, because I don’t want my hair too long for the wedding or too short. That’s what’s giving me the Bozo-esque Monk Ring.

As for the C25K caption, it’s been amazingly hot here. Thursday it got to over 100 degrees in some parts of Kentucky. This isn’t fall. Today actually felt a bit more like fall. It was still warm, but it’s a bit more like autumn now than not.

In other news, I had a pretty neat idea for a wedding craft. I’m just not crafty, so this one is a big deal, just because it came from my craft-deficient brain.

I like wine bottles. I actually think I like wine bottles more than wine. I also like light. That’s probably why I like Vegas. Anything that lights up fascinates me.

I would still wear LA Lights if they made them for adults.

We’re going to have a bar at the wedding. We’re also getting married in a cave (not actually IN a cave, but at the mouth of a cave under a natural cave roof), and it’s going to be night, so light won’t be the greatest. It’ll be pretty well-lit, we’re not getting married in the dark, but we’re also happy to have any artificial sources of light down there we can find.

It occurred to me that Christmas lights in empty wine bottles sitting on the bar would look really neat. I just didn’t like the fact that the cord would have to come out of the top. That’s when it occurred to me that I could use a diamond drill bit and drill a hole in the back of the bottle, feed Christmas lights into it, and that could sit on our bar as decoration.

And that’s what I did! I made this last night, it was surprisingly easy, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I’m going to have four of these sitting on our bar.

We’re heading to the gym here very shortly. I’ll post tomorrow (albeit probably pretty late, because I work ’til nine p.m. tomorrow night), but I’ll have my 2nd weigh-in, no matter how ugly it is.

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Week Two is 2/3rds Done!

Today is the first day of fall! I have completed the second day of the second week of Couch to 5K!

I look so worn out because this is after the run AND a session with our brutal, loving personal trainer. Plus I just have sucky hair.

My knee was causing me a bit of trouble recently. Allow me to age slightly as I say this…

My right knee is bad. It flares up every so often.

*sigh* Yeah, I know that makes me sound a million years old, but I DO have a bad knee, and it DOES flare up every so often. I’ve kept it wrapped the last two days and iced it and all of that fun stuff, and today, while it is a tiny bit stiff, it feels mucho better. I took TWO days off between my first run and my second run for week two; I was a little afraid to take THREE days off, though.

But to my extreme pleasure, I found that I missed it! I was not happy about having to miss out on my “run” last night, and I had an absolute blast hitting the neighborhood with Tina (soon-to-be Mrs. Logsdon) and Malcolm (still a rather stupid, if handsome, puppy). This one was a little tougher than some others, I’ll be honest, but it still felt great to just get out there and do it.

It may be fall here, but the weather is not exactly following suit. It’s been in the 90s around here. Fortunately, it is VERY dry, and we’re hoping that the dryness holds out until October 8th, which is our wedding day. I’m hopeful that the trees will have a little color in the leaves. We’ll see. No matter what happens, I’ll definitely be posting the pictures and video here when we return from Antigua.

And speaking of going to Antigua, I’ll be gone for a week. Even if I have internet access, I’m pretty sure I won’t be blogging. But I’d like to keep my blog going. Would anyone like to (or be willing to?) write a guest post for my honeymoon week? Please email me at if you would! I’d be very grateful!

Oh, and one quick thing to share about my diet. I made a very conscious decision to eat cleaner today, as I had come to the realization I was eating a lot of crap. Today felt like a much cleaner day, and I found that I was both less hungry and I had more energy. Why can’t I remember how I feel on days like this the next time I’m craving a Pop Tart or a bag of doritos?

The most vile junk food known to man… and the tastiest…

My biggest problem in eating is that I don’t always know what to eat, and I’ll end up grabbing the first thing I can find. That’s not always healthy. For the last two days, I have planned out my food for the next day. I’m allowed to go off track if I need to, but if I am hungry, I can just look at what I’ve planned for the day and I know what I am “supposed” to eat.

How do you keep from mindlessly snacking?

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